30 Aug 2010

Sink into the tune, As I inhale the fumes

Last week before I go back to college so thought a post was needed.
I got my first spam yesterday, someone commented on a post saying "this website is very helpful for BuYiNg vIaGrA" with a little link. If I'm getting spam I must be doing something right.

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
I honestly don't know why I've only just gotten into the cure, they really are ridiculously good. This and Lovecats are my favourites, this slightly beats lovecats though just due to the awesome riff. I love how they've made what could have been a highly depressing song into a cheerful lovely tune about missing your ex. And it's true, boys don't cry. they bottle it all up, laugh about it and secretly die a little inside. but all very cheerfully.

Katy B - Katy on a Mission
I have yet to work out how exactly to describe this. It's produced by the godfather of Dubstep, Benga, but it really doesn't have much bass. It's certainly got the wobbles but most of the song is concentrated on the lyrics. It's definitely a tune though, if you can get past all the angry dubstepheads saying "THIS IS SHIT DUBSTEP IS NOW MAINSTREAM IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER WHEN RUSKO DID IT", Even though rusko was the start of dubstep becoming shit. but still, ignore them and just enjoy the song, I'm finding it annoyingly addictive listening.

Bart B More - Brap!
I think I've covered most of my favourite genres in this post so it's time to bust out some electronica. Again, this guy's signed to BNR so it's got to be a good song. and fuck it really really is. The intro is ridiculously long but you don't even care that much cos it's fun to sing along to. then around 50seconds in you notice something building up slowly. it keeps getting louder until..
BRAP and a hefty drop 2minutes in that will literally make a dance floor explode. just give it a ganders. also I really want that vinyl, it looks so sick!

B-Complex - Beautiful Lies
Lots of things have B in today don't they? anywho, this is without a doubt my favourite dnb song I've heard in the last couple of months. I don't know why but absolutely everything about it works together perfectly to make an awesome song for whatever you're doing. seriously, I've listened to this when running, when doing homework and at a big party, it fits literally any situation. listen and enjoy.


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