11 Aug 2010

Middle Fingers Up!

Well I've had a few more days of being fucked up but now I'll get my cheap thrills from tunes such as these. Enjoy.

Lil' Jon - U Don't Like Me
What a tune. Lil' Jon is the king of Crunk (angry loud shouty rap) and this proves it. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. Notice the awesome heavy bassline? that would be due to the guy who produced the track, Thomas Wesley Pentz otherwise known as Diplo. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, he's done it again. The bassline is what makes this track insane. The vocals of course add that singalong aspect so the whole track just comes together as a heavy dirty crunk tune. I'm tempted to buy a car just to drive around playing this constantly to scare old people.

Chase & Status - Let You Go Ft. Mali
The first new thing C&S have done that isn't on an album. Definitely more drum and bass than their old dubby stuff, quite nice. It's quite stadium drum and bass kind of stuff though, straying into pendulums new territory, They'd better watch out or they'll become utter douches just like pendulum did. The video is lol worthy, although the segments of the video that stray into the actual song sort of ruin the build up. But still, goooood song although not quite as good as most the stuff on their first album.

Egyptian Hip Hop - Middle Name Period
I've never heard this group before but wowowowowowowow this is awesome. I don't even know what genre to describe this as, they remind me of Holy Fuck! but more garage band-y. even though they sound like the songs were recorded in some mate of theirs basement, the guy who actually produces for them is the frontman from Late Of The Pier. Which would explain why this song is just so damn good. literally, listen or get off this blog naow.

Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (Tek One Remix)
I'm in love with crystal fighters. If you wanna hear how cool they are look up "xtatic truth", however this is more about Tek One's remixing skills than Crystal Fighters coolness. They've done an insane dubstep remix of BMTH (which was the most heavy thing I've ever heard) and they've done it again on this one. loooong build up to make you think it's chillout then a niiiiiice introduction of bassline. The original is still epicly good though so I'm posting both links.Sue me.
Link - Remix
Link - Original

Rigggght well that was fun and took me about 3 days to complete (easily distracted init.)
I've got results out tomorrow so expect to not hear from me for the next week or so at least. I'll either be so happy I wanna partyhard all the time or I'll have run away from home to avoid madre and padre.


  1. aaand another batch of tunes being added to my ipod tonight
    i am eternally indebted to you jack

    good luck with your results tomorrow :) x

  2. You're welcome gypsy girl
    and cheers :) xx