14 Jun 2010

Live Fast/Die Young/Fuck everyone.

Fuck, I really don't write in here enough do I?
I'll try to do more but things are up in the air atm so if I can't then sorry.
well lets not beat around the bush, we both know what we're both here for.

Designer Drugs - Drop Down
SO this song was in an advert for skins, but don't worry it isn't classic teenage angst and drugs and sex and more sex. It's an awesome slice of dirty electro from NY. Not very dancy but makes you see red. in a good way. The intro has the nicest beat ever, and the sample they use sounds like it's actually talking to you. I nearly took off my headphones to see if someone actually was. then Kpow the electronic wobbley bits come in and it's just brill.

Bassnectar VS Groove Armada - Superstylin Smashup
Holy Hell this is heavy. Everyone in the world should know superstylin and it's a good song anyway but fuck this is something new and awesome and wow. I guess it's dubstep but it's done so well, the vocals from superstylin are played over the top giving it a sort of reggae sound but
the bassline is pure Californian filth. New favourite dub song? maybe.

Danny Byrd - Red Mist VIP
I've started really enjoying drum and bass recently, god knows why, but this is definitely my favourite dnb song of the moment at least. The (trumpet?some kind of horn) intro bit makes you feel all happy inside. Then the vocals come in and you still feel happy until you realise he's talking about getting in a fight. but then it slows it down and suddenly you're just waiting for an awesome drop. OH and there it goes, into said awesome drop. sweet bassline and tasty drum beats. fuck, it really is very good.

The Cool Kids - Black Mags
Now for something completely different-old school ultra cool hip hop. Literally the cool kids couldn't be any cooler. If someone finds a way for them to be any cooler the world will implode. This song proves it. Best song on their old EP, no doubt. The deep sample they use for the chorus is from another one of their songs (Gold and a Pager) but slowed down and a lot more bassy. The weirdest thing is that you realise near the end that they've just been rapping about riding bikes the whole time, not the coolest thing ever but they manage to make it rad. I think I'll get a bike.

Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - Look For The Woman (Fake Blood Remix)
Before I write about the song, I wish to inform the world that I was present when DLS vs SP played the original of this song for the first time. and I was standing next to the main character from the video. there, that's my hipster cred raised, now anyway onto Fake Blood. OMFG HE/SHE is so fucking good. literally, (fuckit I'm just gonna say he for now, sorry for the possible sexism) he makes anything and everything he touches sounds shweeeeeeeeeet. it's impossible not to dance to mars,I think I like it or Fix your accent. And he's done it again with this song, but as I'm lying in bed typing this, I can't dance so I shall just tap my feet and hum along. yeah, it's that good.

One more? yeeeeeeeeeeeah why not.

David Guetta Ft. Kid Cudi - Memories
I only recently realised just how good David Guetta actually is. He may look like a douchebag but daaaaaamn that man can make some nice beats. This is one of them. and also it's got the amazing Kid Cudi in so luckily his rad-ness draws attention away from Guettas weirdness. I'm guessing Cudi came up with the lyrics cos they're good but corny, which is pretty normal for him. If you like this check out On the dancefloor by David Guetta (I'd link it but I have no motivation or effort left)

Joe just got me listening to Taking Back Sunday and MCR again so expect more guitar-y posts soon.

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