26 Jun 2010

Just an ordinary day, till you came around. and now my life's upside down.

sup blogosphere, fancy some newish music?
yeah you do.

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey
Apparently this is the "house tune of the year" according to all the music magazines. Firstly, we're only halfway through the year so it's WAAAAAAAAAY too early to say that. secondly it is a fucking good song but not incredible. I do love the drums and synth though. the "HEYHEY" bit gets slightly irritating after a while though. still, nice work.

Kele - On The Lam
I thought tenderoni was good but FUCK kele's debut solo album is so so good. This is one of my favourites on the album, mostly for the obvious dubsteppy influence. Utterly sick bassline and as always Kele's singing makes everything in the world better. He could sing over a blackout crew song and I'd still love it. good job mr okereke.

UK Apache & Shy Fx - Original Nuttah
probably the oldest song I've ever posted (1994), totally awesome though. The MC on the track is so intense that I think his voice must kill old people if they walk too close to him. If anyone reading this can actually work out what he's saying I'll be amazed. but who cares what he's saying, whatever it is, it sounds awesome. It would be worth looking like an utter douchbag to be able to MC like that. and of course Shy Fx shoves some sweet drums over the top of it all, making a awesomeawesome track all together.

Bloc Party - The Once And Future King
Whoever decided not to properly release this song is an idiot. It's definitely in the top 5 bloc party songs I've heard, Kele's voice is epic, the riff is awesome and the drums sound ridiculously good too. All in all a pretty awesome song which should have been on A weekend in the city.

That'll do for naow, goodbye and goodluck

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