7 Mar 2010

Not a real post

As the title suggests, there won't be much music here. Haven't got time or energy to put up links or write song reviews. Just some random things I want to say.
Firstly, a request. If ANYONE has any of the following songs please send them to me, they're fucking impossible to find.

-Natty - If I
-Wiley - Cash In My Pocket (Chew Fu BIG Room Remix)
-Erol Alken & Boys Noize - Lemonade
-Cake on Cake's second album

Cheers if anyone sends them.
Secondly, a thank you. To anyone and everyone who actually reads my blog, cheers. I've had a ridiculous amount of compliments about it and have actually made some friends because of it. So yay for that.

and thirdly, as a little treat, a few songs. Sorry for having on short descriptions but I have to get up at 6.30 tomorrow morn.
Shout out Louds - Fall Hard (Passion Pit's summertime Radio Remix)
I've tried to make this my summer song but it was released too damn early. So it's my spring song. Yes it's that good. But anything remixed by passion pit would be. actually sounds just like a passion pit song but without the very high pitched singing and heavy drums. has a fuckton of synth though.

Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)
OH COME ON, it was slightly too obvious I was going to post this wasn't it? Ah well, for the rather uneducated out there, this is a remix of the new song that foals released last monday. And strangely I think it might actually be better than the original. Which is a shame, but fuck it, it's still a tuuuuune and a half. Calming smokeable herbs + this song = mmmmmmm.

and that'll do me for now, sorry for not posting much atm, coursework and life is really catching up with me.
But while I'm gone, if you want something to do, check up on totallifeforever.co.uk
It's the new foals album site, has clips of all their new songs, one being released every day. also has a quote which L.Bliss says regularly on it "The future is not what it used to be".
true dat.

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