25 Mar 2010

Bastard child of guilt and hate

This post is partly because I'm bored, partly because I want to save a friends ears and partly because I want to forget I have 1000 words and a presentation to be handed in in about 8 hours.
So music yes?

Bloc Party - Helicopter (Diplo Remix)
In case you missed my last post about diplo, let me tell you the main points about it. He. Is. GOD.
OK? good. And, what with him being god and all that, he does do some fucking good remixes. Such as this epicly good one. When someone remixes an already brilliant song it takes some skill to make it actually sound better. But gollygosh I think he's done it. A lovely bleepy bassline and a shweeeet sounding drum machine make the Keles vocals even better than normal. no, I didn't think it was possible either.

High Powered Boys - Hoes Get Down
Right this song is aaaaaaaaaancient but I still love it for it's simplicity. Uses three words, the same drum beat and only about 10 notes in the whole song. But somehow those boys managed to make something this addictive. srsly, before I got rid of iTunes about 2 years ago I had listened to it 300+ times. It must be nearly 1000 times now. and I still love it!

Pirate Soundsystem - Rave Issues
Going a bit old school with this one. No it isn't dubstep as people have been saying on youtube, it's bassline. And fucking good bassline at that! seeing as the whole world went very quickly from bassline to dubstep, all the one hit wonders were forgotten. Which, seeing as most of them were pretty shite, is probably a good thing. Luckily the genre survived and kept making wobbly bass. Screw you dubsteppers, I wanna go back to the days when this was popular!

Les Petits Pilous - Russian Forest
I can't decide which song is the best on LPP's new EP. I want them all of course and probably will get them all. but I think the beat on this just makes it beat the others. No where near as hyped up as 'Wake Up', sounds sort of like a old boys noize track. which it probably should as they're signed to Boys Noize records. Still, a fucking good song.

Right, next post I do, I promise not to mention boys noize. pinky promise.
now let me sleep.

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