22 Feb 2010

There is nothing left here to worry about.

Fucksake, now I'm gonna spend the rest of the night trawling through blog posts and shitty gig videos trying to find any news on the new foals album.

-EDIT- Just realised it's really hard to see the image above, sorry should have made it bigger. It's from Foals facebook page and says "Total Life Forever May 10th&New Shows!". I'm exxxxxxcited :D

-RE-EDIT- Just found this on Foals Blog, posted 14 minutes ago. "hey everyone! we have some good news.
// we can finally announce that our second album, TOTAL LIFE FOREVER will be released on May 10th, MMX.

// in addition something pretty, pretty, pretty good will be happening on the airwaves this coming Monday.

// lots more news to come.
it's good to be back.
big love
I'm so excited I dropped my tea mug. FUCK YES.

On an unrelated note, chchchcheck out this song by Crystal Fighters

Absolute fucking tune. I know it's old but I've fallen in love with it.

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  1. also it will probably be leaked a month before may, so APRIL WO0O0O xoxo.