26 Feb 2010

Now I'm dreaming someone would swiftly come and kidnap me

lets just have some music yeah?

Datsik - Southpaw
My favorite new Dubstep song of the month. Datsik is just too sick. I think the sample used is from N.W.A and it works with the track sooo well. I've already worked out exactly where I'm dropping this in my next mix, it's just a mental track. Sounds proper cut up too, but definitely in a good way.

Passion Pit - The Reeling (Bubblegum Sci Fi Remix)
Oh god, we're so skins right now. Yes I know this song was on a advert for skins, but fuck me what a tune! Reasonably heavy electro mix of a good track by the genius that is passion pit. Although the remixers do have quite a stupid name. Still a track and a half though.

Late Of The Pier - Best In The Class
Oh Fuck yes. LOTP I've missed you, thank you for coming back with a banger. If this is your last track then I'm glad you went out on a bang. This may be my favorite track they've done, including the whole of fantasy black channel. Although I advise against watching the video, especially after beer or a meal. It's quite light for them, no where near as heavy as some of the album or Blueberry, but daaaamn it's a goodn. Proper dancy electroy whatever-the-hell-else-y.

Boys Noize - Jeffer (Para One Remix)
Okay Give this one a chance. I know the it sounds like shit for the first minute but after that it turns into a nice big electro house song. And it is made by the genius that is boys noize so of course it features random blips and beeps but para one shoved a nice beat over the top. Oh god, I've grown a fondness for house music. Someone stop me before I start wearing pink polo shirts with the collar up.

Fake Blood - Mars (Jack Beats Remix)
I've fallen in love with Fake Blood recently, my cousin recommended them to me. Mars is an absolute banggggggeerrrrrrr but good old Jack Beats mashes it up quite nicely. I guess it's sort of electro fidget? a bit too electronic to be dubstep, a bit too bass heavy to be electro. To be honest, Jack Beats deserves his own genre, no one else makes music quite like them.Anyway.

I've got to remember to post more regularly, I'll try to do another full post this week sometime. If I can't then soz.

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