3 Feb 2010

I rock it with ill technique.

I feel like death frozen, warmed up in a microwave then chucked into a cold pond to freeze again. Fucking illnesses. And no one even knows what it is so I'm just popping lemsips, nurofen and paracetamol to try and make myself semi-alright so I can go to college and go out on Saturday.
Although one plus side to me being off college is that I have been on the comp a lot looking at music and shizzz. Should probably take this time to catch up on coursework and essays. But that's never gonna happen. Music Time!

Steve Aoki Ft. [[[Zuper Blahq]]] - I'm In The House
Tune for the week/month. or at least for until mr.Aoki releases that album. It's exactly what you'd expect from Steve Aoki; a nice fat slice of electro nonsense with bits of all the best artists shoved in. The drums from Mstrkrft, the beat from Crookers, the bleeps from Boys Noize and so on. Oh and [[[Zuper Blahq]]] is Will.I.Am from The black eyed peas under a different and slightly annoying name. But damn that man can rap!

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
I know that mstrkrft are awesome, but I'm a little ashamed to like the original of this song. It just sounds so corny. "All I do is party ha ha ha ha" repeated about 10 times. That is pretty much it. But at least TBB have gotten rid of that and just turned it into a nice fat piece of electronic goodness. Mmmmm makes you feel warm inside.

-[The rest of this post was made on Sunday. And yes I managed to drag myself out of bed to go to Mr. Hatchwells party, which was goooood. I also invented a new game; "Watching people on mcat doing quite odd things". Literally one of the most fun things I've ever done.]

Chiddy Bang - Opposite Of Adults
I'm preempting that this will become a massively overplayed, used in adverts and sung in the xfactor/Britain's got talent/ some other pointless TV show. But until then lets just enjoy it because it's an absolute fucking tune. It's a grime/rap song which uses the backing beat from MGMT's 'Kids' but makes it so much better! I know there's been a time gap from the start of this post until now, but this song has already taken Steve Aoki's place as Tune of the Week/Month. If you don't click this link you don't deserve ears.

Drake ft. Kanye West ,Lil Wayne and Eminem - Forever/ (Nero Remix)
Now I realise I might be a couple of months late on this one. Which is why I included the Nero remix, to bring it up to date. The original is a bangerrr and I never knew I could enjoy a song that has Kanye West in so much. But something about the nero remix just makes it sounds so much better! It's like Skreams mix of 'In For The Kill'. It's just simplified, plain and quiet but it sounds ridiculously good.
Link -Original
Link -Nero Rmx

Dubba Johnny - Home
I've posted about Dubba Johnny before, can't remember what song it was atm. Anyway UKFDubstep is like the biggest Dubstep promoter on Youtube and they're now posting about this song so Dubba Johnny is getting a fuckload of new fans (Trying to stop myself being a terrible hipster and bragging about how I liked them first..). And good for them! They're nice guys and they're fucking good at what they do. Even though this track sounds like some terrible eurotechno trash at the start, it has a sweeet drop and turns ,subtly, into a massive dubstep tune.

Right that'll do for now. College tomorrow, 6.30 start and I have yet to start one of my many many many essays. Fuck it.


  1. alright so i've totally appointed you as my music guru
    your taste is impeccable :) x

  2. Hahaa, cheers :) And it's not impeccable trust me, I listen to a lot of shite before I find something blog-worthy.

  3. Have you blocked me from your blog?

  4. no, sorry love, i was giving it a facelift, so i hid it for a while :)
    i'm adding you to my "family" list cos you're awesome :) x

  5. Aaah cool :) I like the new look.
    Hahaa Your too kind :D