24 Jan 2010

We're gonna do a song that you've never heard before.

It feels like I haven't posted anything for months, thanks to my laptop breaking. I'm still pissed off about that. And so I'm having to use the shitty home computer that takes about 10mins to load a webpage. Stupidshittymachine. Aaaaaanyway, not too bad a weekend, Saw Evil Dead 2 round jace's which was Awwwweeeesome even though I was the only one that liked it.
Fuck it, music time.

Au Revoir Simone - Shadows (The Teenagers Remix)
Au revoir simone can pretty much do nothing wrong in my eyes. They could make a donk-folk-black metal mashup and I'd probably still like it. But the Teenagers add some nice 80's bassline and mess about with the keyboards to make this track even better. To be honest, a french indie band remixing a french-named coffeepop trio shouldn't work, but it sounds great.

Bloc Party - Talons ( Phones RIP Mix)
I think Phones are only good at remixing really. Their remixes are always insanely good and this one is no different. There's loadsa remixes of this song but I don't think any match this. Hell I don't even think the original matches this. And seeing as I am slightly obsessed with Bloc party, that's a hard thing for me to admit.

The Bloody Beetroots - It's Better DJ On 2 Turntables
So apparently, TBB don't just do amazing electro tracks. They also do abit of dubstep, and from the sound of this track, they do it better than a fair amount of the dubstep producers out there.
The start sounds like some ancient rave song, but then the bassline kicks in and it's alllll goooooood. Oh and the song doesn't end at 3.28, it carries on after a little pause. They needed to catch a breather after the intense dub.

Fuck Buttons - Surf Solar
Fuck me sideways, how have I not posted this song before? It's 10 minutes of trippy electronic bliss. Terrible for a party or whatever but good for long trips and shit. The album is reallyreally good as well.
Link to the short version for people who have no patience.
Link to the nice long version for people who want to chill.

End transmission.

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