12 Jan 2010


I have a psychology exam in approximately 10 hours. I cannot be fucked. And so I'm doing a short post then sleeping.

Pennines - Does not want
I lovelovelove this band at the moment. They've even replaced 'Pretty Eyes' as my song of the week. Its a sort of mathypopyrock but sounds really good. They have a free download up on their myspace so I thought I'd just link there instead. If you want to hear them before the download click here
EP Download (Do It!)

oh you know what I just cannot be fucked to do a proper post. just download that ep.
Moar postings coming when I don't have an exam to do.


  1. the pennines link made my day.
    Open closed open is so good - told insomnia to fuck off.

  2. oh my, Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Lima Oscar Lima is the fucking shit srsly, i've listened way too much.
    good call xox.