7 Jan 2010

My phone rings, but It's not you.

Fucking hell, drugs are terrible. Bluuuuuuuuuurgh fuck you valium, I'm never doing you again.
In SUCH a good mood today, but I'm actually missing college and everyone! so this will either be a massively long post or I'll pass out and throw up on the keyboard from the non-alcohol related hangover I have. Have yet to decide.

Justice - Dance (Justice remix)
Incase Hattie Richards reads this, yes I stole it off your fb page. But anyway It's the same as the live version of the song from Across The Universe (best live CD EVER.) except not live. I like what they've done to it though. thank you electro gods.
Okay this should be my last electro-y post for a while, I'm getting tired of synths.
Think this is a good song to end on. The build up is massssive and when it drops, I think a dance is compulsory. Jace played this on NYE when I was trying to not fall down the stairs. I don't know how I remember it but it's a good'n.

Lightspeed Champion - Everyone I Know Is Listening To Crunk
The title of this song is surprisingly apt, except for nowadays it's Dubstep. I'm not complaining, it's just weird how one person likes it and then every person you know has somehow "always loved it". But anyway, gotta love Dev Hynes. He's an amazing singer, wears the most awesome jumpers and was in Test Icicles which instantly gives him masses of music cred. Me and Sam Hatchwell were discussing our favourite ex-bands the other day. For him I think it was Test Icicles and for me DFA1979. We are too hip.

The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - WARP
okay so I lied, I'm not gonna stop posting electrotrash. This song isn't actually that great, just the "woopwoop" drop bit is intense. Especially the one at around 2 mins. Plus I REALLYREALLYREALLY want mr.Aoki's boyznoize shirt. someone buy it for me?

Uffie - Pop The Glock
I played this song at the Prom afterparty and got laughed at. Not a great point in my life but I drowned my sorrows in the Keg I bought. Anyway, now everyone is all "OmDaYz Ke$Ha iS SoOo eDGy aNd rANdom!!11!1! " I thought I'd piss them off by showing them a song thats about 3 years old and sounds the same as Ke$hit- Sorry, Ke$ha. Apart from it's a million times better. And Uffie is so much hotter. Also Feadz Is pretty good at the beat making too. But Mr. Oizo does a better job on "Steroids"

That would be enough for now I think.

P.s, does anyone know if it's true that Uffie is pregnant? I hope not, She needs to make more songs!


  1. I dont even remeber playing it :P

  2. I'm fairly sure you did jacey boy and then we had like a 20 min conversation with the smokers outside about good music.

  3. ahhaaha no way AND you mentioned pop the glock - my latest inspiration for a post!
    wow great minds think...

    didn't know she might be preggers - she's rake thin?- love her black cab session.

  4. also - don't hate on the valium - it's a friend of many x

  5. haha I apologise for stealing the Justice song. And I heard from some website she was pregnant. No idea if it's true. And I must say the valium is not for me. made me throw up the next morn.
    Bad juju.