26 Jan 2010


A fairly hyped up selection tonight, mostly drum'n'bass or dubstep, all thanks to Matt Huddlestone and Jace Crowley, the Doobie Kings. Matt's done an epically good skating video which you can see here. And Jace has just started a blog, It's on the Recommended Reading list. Anyway on with the show.

The Bloody Beetroots - Warp ( DJ Oder Drum'n'Bass Remix)
Reeeee-fucking-Diculous song! Seriously, I didn't think anything could make Warp any better, but apparently adding a fuck load of drums onto the track makes it a hell of a lot better. DJ oder extended the drop until it's unbearable. And then some more. But then it kicks in and POW.

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyes (Jakwob Remix)
This is a subtle little beast. Disguises itself well at the start as a sort of ambient light electro track and the suddenly a Fat old wobble comes in and makes enough bass and noise to shake my laptop speakers. It's usually a good thing when that happens.

Fuck me, I started making this post 6 days ago then got bored.But I'll continue anyway.

John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix)
It's just a nice little drum and bass number. Nothing that special, who said all music has to be genre smashing and shit. Sometimes you just need the same old idea with a new twist.

Weird Science - Haus Of Cards/ (Laidback Luke Remix)
Right, me and Best friend arranged ages ago that if every woman in the world died or some shit like that, you had to pick one guy to turn gay for. He chose the human testicle from twilight which made me think he may actually be gay. I chose Kele Okereke from Bloc party, but I am officially switching it over to Steve Aoki. The man is a genius. He has his own record label which bloc party And the Bloody Beetroots are signed to. And I've heard a tune from his album which is coming out soon, it's fuckkkkkkkking incredible. Anyway Weird Science is him and someone else collaborating on some tunes, such as this one. It's a banggggger, sort of electrohouseydanceycrap. And if anyone wants a slightly deeper bass tune then the Laidback Luke mix is for you. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it out.
L.L Remix Link

That'll do for now as I have completely lost interest with writing anymore and I'm saving some absolute bangers up for when I get my laptop working again.
If I wanted to make this a personal blog I would now go ahead and tell you about my rather eventful Friday night, very sleepful Saturday (10am till 8am) and fairly normal Sunday. But y'know what I really don't think either of us wants that now do we.

EDIT- Just remembered something I reallyreally want to share with you. You see on the right of the screen theres a nice little badge that says "Part of Vice Blogging Network". Yeah well suck on that mofo. Vice wants me. well they want my blog for advertising purposes mostly, but hey I get a magazine delivered to my house free!


  1. i have that ellie goulding remix

    love your blog :) x

  2. It's a bbbbangerrrrr.
    And cheers, yours is great (: