9 Jan 2010

I can’t lie, I like to get my 2 Step on

too tired to write lots. getting bored of being at home now. have done no revision for the biggest exams I have yet to take in life. should be a fun week then. So I say fuck it, lets plug in our headphones and ignore teachers parents relationshits money parties drugs alcohol and cigarettes.

Railcars - Bohemia Is Without A Sea
dear looooord you would not believe how much I searched for a way to get this song. I nearly ended up learning how to create a website just so I could steal it from this guys myspace. Thankfully I stopped just short of that and found it on some tiny website. anyway back to the song. The guy who makes this (yes, just one guy) is amaaaazing. The songs are sort of lo-fi art rocky pop. Remind me of a mix of Battles and Fuck Buttons. but anyway the songs are great. I'm seriously considering buying the vinyl but it'll have to be shipped all the way from America and I'm not sure I trust the postal service to care for it. Also I spent all my money. ah whatever.

Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds
You have to love abit of folk music. It's so nice and chilled. The only thing I can compare it to is fleet foxes, but without the "We're hippy folk people, look at our beards, see how folkish we are!". Mumford & Sons seem to do that without trying. I prefer Little Lion Man (The song) but everyone seems to have heard that so I thought I'd post a newer one instead. and this song is just as good. also it has a Much better video.

The Bloody Beetroots ft The Cool Kids - Awesome
Probably the second greatest collaboration of musicians you could have ( I still think Justice and Soulwax should make an album together but my ears would probably melt.) Anyway this is a riiiiight banger. And I've only just started getting into the Bloody Beetroot's so apologies if it's very late. And as everyone knows the cool kids are just... well too damn cool for their own good. The video to this song is good as well, I reckon that's what all the animals do when we're away.

Right you know what, I've got a load more songs to put in here but most of them aren't on youtube so I'm gonna have to convert them to video's then upload them so it would take me all night. And so consider this Part 1 of my post. Part 2 will appear by the end of the wkend.

If your at college - Have fun revising.
If you aren't, I hate you.

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