2 Jan 2010

How Gangsta is that? Not Gangsta at all.

Ladies and gents, I'm tired/bored/depressed/bleeding/angry. The perfect blogging mood.
I'm gonna do lots of songs with small writing cos my attention span is lowwwww.

Noisia - Groundhog (Scratch perverts DJ hero remix)
I'm not usually into drum&bass but this shit is impressive. And yes I have played it on DJ hero and nearly broke my wrist. Just watch some of the people doing it. The original to this song is quite good but Scratch perverts little remix with the vocals make it sound reallyreally fucking good.

Jay-Z - Venus vs. Mars
I only just realised how dirty this song is. But it's still gooood. Jay-Z is one of the best rappers in the world, and this is proper rap none of that shitty Rhianna pop shit. The Blueprint3 was one of my favourite albums of last year just cos Jay-Z has started doing good rap again. And if anyone knows if it actually is Beyonce singing in this song, let me know, there's been a lot of debate about this.

The Cool Kids - A Little Bit Cooler
Gangsters who are secretly scene geeks. But at least they can rap. Real rap not grime. I love how this song is about every single thing I do and how I always think I'm cool. It's shameful but true. The rapping actually makes sense as well, it's smart rap. Damn these kids are cool.

YILA Feat. Scroobius Pip - Astronaut
God, I haven't listened to this song in ages and it still sounds ridiculously good. Mr. Pip is a poetical god and YILA is a younger Dan Le Sac. At least I think he's younger. Also I haven't seen the video to this before, godDamn it's a good one.

London Elektricty - Just One Second
Okay so I say I don't like Drum&Bass and then I post it twice in one blog. I still don't particularly like it, but this song deserves it's own genre. Seriously, I am downing some drugs and turning this shit on because I know I'll be flyyyyyying. My step-sisters boyfriend played me this song ages ago and cos I didn't like him, I didn't listen to it. But he's gone and the song is still here. And veryvery good.

Right, that's enough now. This post took me 3 days because I kept on getting distracted. So I'm no longer in the mood at the top of the post, but I am still bleeding annoyingly.

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