9 Jan 2010

Fuck them, I didn't wanna go to heaven anyway.

Right well I'm in a better mood now and it's early in the evening so I can finish what I started yesterday. Today has been a day full of revision which was awesome...
I joke I joke.

Craze - Drop to the Flo
I know there's some songs I shouldn't like but this isn't too bad. It's quite corny, you can imagine it playing in oceana or some other shitty club. But ignore that and it's not too bad. I can't be fucked to listen to this song anymore, it gets quite repetitive after a while.

Pretty Lights - Sunday School
Absolute tune. I'm listening to it through some skullcandys so the bass is ridiculous, but I imagine even through speakers this would be a banger and a half. It sort of sounds like a soundtrack that you'd see on a 'G'unit movie but with some goooood dubstep and electro shoved over the top. It's quite long but it's so worth listening the whole way through to. I think I'll make this my soundtrack for the next week or until I find something better.

Dubba Jonny - Throwin' A Wobbly
I have made it my personal aim for the next few months to get this song well known, atleast with all the people in Winchester who like dubstep. Yes I know it's got nothing new by having a sample from a movie/tv show mixed into the track, and yes the name is meant to be funny but seriously, Lighten up and listen to bass! I haven't been this into a dubstep track since I found Ruskos' Cockney Thug. OH and I haven't even said the best part. These guys (Yes I emailed them to ask for the track and they're very nice chaps) are doing a free tour in the summer. And by free I mean you email them asking them to come down to a party/little gig/whatever your doing and they'll come! seriously, can someone have a massive thing just so I can invite these guys down?

Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better ( Rusko Remix )
Me and some friends were discussing Amanda Blank the other day. I still can't decide if she's good by herself. No denying she's great when she's with spank rock or Diplo but her solo songs just sound abit over the top. She just sounds like she's a female spank rock. But anyway, this has to be one of Rusko's best remix's, either this or his Kid Cudi mix. I know it's quite old but y'know.

Sbtrkt - Right Place
This is quite filthy if you have good headphones. If not then it just sounds like backing music. It's very experimental dubstep and doesn't actually drop until like 2mins in. But to be honest it's still a tune and a half. Also the guy that makes it wears a tribal mask when he DJ's. A god damn tribal mask. Does anyone else think that is too damn cool.

Aaand now I'm done. Good night and , to those doing exams, good luck.
We're gonna need it :|


  1. Nice blog...
    Cool music...
    and u r right...
    Life is booring...

  2. Well I also think that sbtrkt's tribal mask is awesome

  3. Cheers Nazkind, Life isn't that bad really.
    And Anonymous guy/girl THANK YOU for agreeing, the Tribal mask is epicly cool!