26 Jan 2010


A fairly hyped up selection tonight, mostly drum'n'bass or dubstep, all thanks to Matt Huddlestone and Jace Crowley, the Doobie Kings. Matt's done an epically good skating video which you can see here. And Jace has just started a blog, It's on the Recommended Reading list. Anyway on with the show.

The Bloody Beetroots - Warp ( DJ Oder Drum'n'Bass Remix)
Reeeee-fucking-Diculous song! Seriously, I didn't think anything could make Warp any better, but apparently adding a fuck load of drums onto the track makes it a hell of a lot better. DJ oder extended the drop until it's unbearable. And then some more. But then it kicks in and POW.

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyes (Jakwob Remix)
This is a subtle little beast. Disguises itself well at the start as a sort of ambient light electro track and the suddenly a Fat old wobble comes in and makes enough bass and noise to shake my laptop speakers. It's usually a good thing when that happens.

Fuck me, I started making this post 6 days ago then got bored.But I'll continue anyway.

John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix)
It's just a nice little drum and bass number. Nothing that special, who said all music has to be genre smashing and shit. Sometimes you just need the same old idea with a new twist.

Weird Science - Haus Of Cards/ (Laidback Luke Remix)
Right, me and Best friend arranged ages ago that if every woman in the world died or some shit like that, you had to pick one guy to turn gay for. He chose the human testicle from twilight which made me think he may actually be gay. I chose Kele Okereke from Bloc party, but I am officially switching it over to Steve Aoki. The man is a genius. He has his own record label which bloc party And the Bloody Beetroots are signed to. And I've heard a tune from his album which is coming out soon, it's fuckkkkkkkking incredible. Anyway Weird Science is him and someone else collaborating on some tunes, such as this one. It's a banggggger, sort of electrohouseydanceycrap. And if anyone wants a slightly deeper bass tune then the Laidback Luke mix is for you. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it out.
L.L Remix Link

That'll do for now as I have completely lost interest with writing anymore and I'm saving some absolute bangers up for when I get my laptop working again.
If I wanted to make this a personal blog I would now go ahead and tell you about my rather eventful Friday night, very sleepful Saturday (10am till 8am) and fairly normal Sunday. But y'know what I really don't think either of us wants that now do we.

EDIT- Just remembered something I reallyreally want to share with you. You see on the right of the screen theres a nice little badge that says "Part of Vice Blogging Network". Yeah well suck on that mofo. Vice wants me. well they want my blog for advertising purposes mostly, but hey I get a magazine delivered to my house free!

24 Jan 2010

We're gonna do a song that you've never heard before.

It feels like I haven't posted anything for months, thanks to my laptop breaking. I'm still pissed off about that. And so I'm having to use the shitty home computer that takes about 10mins to load a webpage. Stupidshittymachine. Aaaaaanyway, not too bad a weekend, Saw Evil Dead 2 round jace's which was Awwwweeeesome even though I was the only one that liked it.
Fuck it, music time.

Au Revoir Simone - Shadows (The Teenagers Remix)
Au revoir simone can pretty much do nothing wrong in my eyes. They could make a donk-folk-black metal mashup and I'd probably still like it. But the Teenagers add some nice 80's bassline and mess about with the keyboards to make this track even better. To be honest, a french indie band remixing a french-named coffeepop trio shouldn't work, but it sounds great.

Bloc Party - Talons ( Phones RIP Mix)
I think Phones are only good at remixing really. Their remixes are always insanely good and this one is no different. There's loadsa remixes of this song but I don't think any match this. Hell I don't even think the original matches this. And seeing as I am slightly obsessed with Bloc party, that's a hard thing for me to admit.

The Bloody Beetroots - It's Better DJ On 2 Turntables
So apparently, TBB don't just do amazing electro tracks. They also do abit of dubstep, and from the sound of this track, they do it better than a fair amount of the dubstep producers out there.
The start sounds like some ancient rave song, but then the bassline kicks in and it's alllll goooooood. Oh and the song doesn't end at 3.28, it carries on after a little pause. They needed to catch a breather after the intense dub.

Fuck Buttons - Surf Solar
Fuck me sideways, how have I not posted this song before? It's 10 minutes of trippy electronic bliss. Terrible for a party or whatever but good for long trips and shit. The album is reallyreally good as well.
Link to the short version for people who have no patience.
Link to the nice long version for people who want to chill.

End transmission.

12 Jan 2010


I have a psychology exam in approximately 10 hours. I cannot be fucked. And so I'm doing a short post then sleeping.

Pennines - Does not want
I lovelovelove this band at the moment. They've even replaced 'Pretty Eyes' as my song of the week. Its a sort of mathypopyrock but sounds really good. They have a free download up on their myspace so I thought I'd just link there instead. If you want to hear them before the download click here
EP Download (Do It!)

oh you know what I just cannot be fucked to do a proper post. just download that ep.
Moar postings coming when I don't have an exam to do.

9 Jan 2010

Fuck them, I didn't wanna go to heaven anyway.

Right well I'm in a better mood now and it's early in the evening so I can finish what I started yesterday. Today has been a day full of revision which was awesome...
I joke I joke.

Craze - Drop to the Flo
I know there's some songs I shouldn't like but this isn't too bad. It's quite corny, you can imagine it playing in oceana or some other shitty club. But ignore that and it's not too bad. I can't be fucked to listen to this song anymore, it gets quite repetitive after a while.

Pretty Lights - Sunday School
Absolute tune. I'm listening to it through some skullcandys so the bass is ridiculous, but I imagine even through speakers this would be a banger and a half. It sort of sounds like a soundtrack that you'd see on a 'G'unit movie but with some goooood dubstep and electro shoved over the top. It's quite long but it's so worth listening the whole way through to. I think I'll make this my soundtrack for the next week or until I find something better.

Dubba Jonny - Throwin' A Wobbly
I have made it my personal aim for the next few months to get this song well known, atleast with all the people in Winchester who like dubstep. Yes I know it's got nothing new by having a sample from a movie/tv show mixed into the track, and yes the name is meant to be funny but seriously, Lighten up and listen to bass! I haven't been this into a dubstep track since I found Ruskos' Cockney Thug. OH and I haven't even said the best part. These guys (Yes I emailed them to ask for the track and they're very nice chaps) are doing a free tour in the summer. And by free I mean you email them asking them to come down to a party/little gig/whatever your doing and they'll come! seriously, can someone have a massive thing just so I can invite these guys down?

Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better ( Rusko Remix )
Me and some friends were discussing Amanda Blank the other day. I still can't decide if she's good by herself. No denying she's great when she's with spank rock or Diplo but her solo songs just sound abit over the top. She just sounds like she's a female spank rock. But anyway, this has to be one of Rusko's best remix's, either this or his Kid Cudi mix. I know it's quite old but y'know.

Sbtrkt - Right Place
This is quite filthy if you have good headphones. If not then it just sounds like backing music. It's very experimental dubstep and doesn't actually drop until like 2mins in. But to be honest it's still a tune and a half. Also the guy that makes it wears a tribal mask when he DJ's. A god damn tribal mask. Does anyone else think that is too damn cool.

Aaand now I'm done. Good night and , to those doing exams, good luck.
We're gonna need it :|

I can’t lie, I like to get my 2 Step on

too tired to write lots. getting bored of being at home now. have done no revision for the biggest exams I have yet to take in life. should be a fun week then. So I say fuck it, lets plug in our headphones and ignore teachers parents relationshits money parties drugs alcohol and cigarettes.

Railcars - Bohemia Is Without A Sea
dear looooord you would not believe how much I searched for a way to get this song. I nearly ended up learning how to create a website just so I could steal it from this guys myspace. Thankfully I stopped just short of that and found it on some tiny website. anyway back to the song. The guy who makes this (yes, just one guy) is amaaaazing. The songs are sort of lo-fi art rocky pop. Remind me of a mix of Battles and Fuck Buttons. but anyway the songs are great. I'm seriously considering buying the vinyl but it'll have to be shipped all the way from America and I'm not sure I trust the postal service to care for it. Also I spent all my money. ah whatever.

Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds
You have to love abit of folk music. It's so nice and chilled. The only thing I can compare it to is fleet foxes, but without the "We're hippy folk people, look at our beards, see how folkish we are!". Mumford & Sons seem to do that without trying. I prefer Little Lion Man (The song) but everyone seems to have heard that so I thought I'd post a newer one instead. and this song is just as good. also it has a Much better video.

The Bloody Beetroots ft The Cool Kids - Awesome
Probably the second greatest collaboration of musicians you could have ( I still think Justice and Soulwax should make an album together but my ears would probably melt.) Anyway this is a riiiiight banger. And I've only just started getting into the Bloody Beetroot's so apologies if it's very late. And as everyone knows the cool kids are just... well too damn cool for their own good. The video to this song is good as well, I reckon that's what all the animals do when we're away.

Right you know what, I've got a load more songs to put in here but most of them aren't on youtube so I'm gonna have to convert them to video's then upload them so it would take me all night. And so consider this Part 1 of my post. Part 2 will appear by the end of the wkend.

If your at college - Have fun revising.
If you aren't, I hate you.

7 Jan 2010

My phone rings, but It's not you.

Fucking hell, drugs are terrible. Bluuuuuuuuuurgh fuck you valium, I'm never doing you again.
In SUCH a good mood today, but I'm actually missing college and everyone! so this will either be a massively long post or I'll pass out and throw up on the keyboard from the non-alcohol related hangover I have. Have yet to decide.

Justice - Dance (Justice remix)
Incase Hattie Richards reads this, yes I stole it off your fb page. But anyway It's the same as the live version of the song from Across The Universe (best live CD EVER.) except not live. I like what they've done to it though. thank you electro gods.
Okay this should be my last electro-y post for a while, I'm getting tired of synths.
Think this is a good song to end on. The build up is massssive and when it drops, I think a dance is compulsory. Jace played this on NYE when I was trying to not fall down the stairs. I don't know how I remember it but it's a good'n.

Lightspeed Champion - Everyone I Know Is Listening To Crunk
The title of this song is surprisingly apt, except for nowadays it's Dubstep. I'm not complaining, it's just weird how one person likes it and then every person you know has somehow "always loved it". But anyway, gotta love Dev Hynes. He's an amazing singer, wears the most awesome jumpers and was in Test Icicles which instantly gives him masses of music cred. Me and Sam Hatchwell were discussing our favourite ex-bands the other day. For him I think it was Test Icicles and for me DFA1979. We are too hip.

The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - WARP
okay so I lied, I'm not gonna stop posting electrotrash. This song isn't actually that great, just the "woopwoop" drop bit is intense. Especially the one at around 2 mins. Plus I REALLYREALLYREALLY want mr.Aoki's boyznoize shirt. someone buy it for me?

Uffie - Pop The Glock
I played this song at the Prom afterparty and got laughed at. Not a great point in my life but I drowned my sorrows in the Keg I bought. Anyway, now everyone is all "OmDaYz Ke$Ha iS SoOo eDGy aNd rANdom!!11!1! " I thought I'd piss them off by showing them a song thats about 3 years old and sounds the same as Ke$hit- Sorry, Ke$ha. Apart from it's a million times better. And Uffie is so much hotter. Also Feadz Is pretty good at the beat making too. But Mr. Oizo does a better job on "Steroids"

That would be enough for now I think.

P.s, does anyone know if it's true that Uffie is pregnant? I hope not, She needs to make more songs!

2 Jan 2010

How Gangsta is that? Not Gangsta at all.

Ladies and gents, I'm tired/bored/depressed/bleeding/angry. The perfect blogging mood.
I'm gonna do lots of songs with small writing cos my attention span is lowwwww.

Noisia - Groundhog (Scratch perverts DJ hero remix)
I'm not usually into drum&bass but this shit is impressive. And yes I have played it on DJ hero and nearly broke my wrist. Just watch some of the people doing it. The original to this song is quite good but Scratch perverts little remix with the vocals make it sound reallyreally fucking good.

Jay-Z - Venus vs. Mars
I only just realised how dirty this song is. But it's still gooood. Jay-Z is one of the best rappers in the world, and this is proper rap none of that shitty Rhianna pop shit. The Blueprint3 was one of my favourite albums of last year just cos Jay-Z has started doing good rap again. And if anyone knows if it actually is Beyonce singing in this song, let me know, there's been a lot of debate about this.

The Cool Kids - A Little Bit Cooler
Gangsters who are secretly scene geeks. But at least they can rap. Real rap not grime. I love how this song is about every single thing I do and how I always think I'm cool. It's shameful but true. The rapping actually makes sense as well, it's smart rap. Damn these kids are cool.

YILA Feat. Scroobius Pip - Astronaut
God, I haven't listened to this song in ages and it still sounds ridiculously good. Mr. Pip is a poetical god and YILA is a younger Dan Le Sac. At least I think he's younger. Also I haven't seen the video to this before, godDamn it's a good one.

London Elektricty - Just One Second
Okay so I say I don't like Drum&Bass and then I post it twice in one blog. I still don't particularly like it, but this song deserves it's own genre. Seriously, I am downing some drugs and turning this shit on because I know I'll be flyyyyyying. My step-sisters boyfriend played me this song ages ago and cos I didn't like him, I didn't listen to it. But he's gone and the song is still here. And veryvery good.

Right, that's enough now. This post took me 3 days because I kept on getting distracted. So I'm no longer in the mood at the top of the post, but I am still bleeding annoyingly.