20 Dec 2009

You've gotta be sick, If you think your better than me prick.

Wow, I've realised that if you stare hard enough at blank space, a blog will suddenly appear. such as this one. Decided to do a "Best of my computer" music list today. so my top *however many till I get bored* favourite songs will be posted..


Foals - Two Steps Twice
The best in indie-dance-punk-math-rock. Which, to be fair, not that many bands are in. Anyway, Antidotes was most definitely the best album of 2008 (Fuck you NME and your MGMT, they only had 2 good songs). I got the special edition which had the live cd and about 4 bonus tracks. Best thing I may have ever bought. I also got to go see them live in Southampton once, amazing sweaty drunken night. When they played this live, it was just mental. Me and this guy were singing it to each other for about 3 weeks after the gig, literally every time we saw each other. and we had like 4 lessons together. so that's a LOT of singing.

Justice VS Public Enemy - Genesis/Bring the Noise20xx
The best song in any game. From DJ hero which has the best track list from any music game ever. Plus DJ AM (R.I.P) mixed on it so it deserves an honourable mention. I think any song which features Justice is pretty much instantly awesome. And public enemy are damn good rappers. I can't be fucked to write anymore for this song, just listen.

Metronomy - This could be beautiful (It Is)
OhmygodIhavetostoppostingaboutmetronomy. But I can't. I love Joseph Mount and his little ever-changing gang.This was the song that got me into them to start with. I had downloaded the first Kitsuné-Maison compilation and shoved it all on my mp3 then went to Ibiza for 2 weeks. Long story short, Ended up drinking too much absinthe, running from security and lying under a sun bed so not to be noticed. Thought I might as well listen to some music whilst I'm here so put my Mp3 player on shuffle. This was the first song that came up and I honestly think I must have kept it on repeat after the first time I listened to it for about 2 hours. The absinthe may have had something to do with that. I think i may have hallucinated a music video for this song cos apparently there isn't one. But damn the one I can remember is awesome. But fuck it, who cares about the video when the songs are this good?

David E. Sugar VS Ears - First OK
Yes I know its an ancient song, but Its still one of my favourite grime songs. And In my opinion The best chiptune/Grime mashup. Yes I know no-one else wants that title but whatever. Ears is sort of weird in the whole grime world. He's a good enough MC, he just seems kinda try-hard. But who cares, the beats that David E. Sugar makes are sicksicksick. Ahh I'm really not in the mood for writing long things tonight. Sorry for another short one. But atleast this one has a cool video.

Les Petit Pilous - Wake Up
Best electro song with awesome video. I only looked up these guys cos they did an awesome remix of DVNO by Justice. But Daaaaamn the drop on this song is good! And the video is trippy as fuck. Plus their on Boyz Noizes record label which is a sign that they have to be good. Unfortunately I don't really like too much of their songs, but this one is pretty good.

Dead Disco - The Treatment (Metronomy Remix)
Yes I know I already posted Metronomy, BUT this is a remix. So ha. And this is going for the category of Best song I've had in my head for about 2 days. Dead Disco had little boots in before she went all shitty and pop, and most of their songs are really good. But this remix is better than anything they've done. Which either shows that they're not actually that good or that Metronomy are electronic gods. I can't say which.

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Mistakes And Regrets
Best guilty secret pleasure. I'm ashamed to tell people I like this song because of the bands' name. But sometimes, you need a bit of noise like this. It isn't too br00tal, we aren't quite in BMTH territory. But it's still heavier than 70% of the stuff I listen to. And you know what, I like it :)

This might be my last post before Christmas so consider this your present.

I'm serious, your not getting anything else. Ungrateful dicks.
Merry Christmas y'all.


  1. think we were at the same foals gig maybe? i was at one in joiners ages ago and then one last yr in the guildhall. that one was rad, some girl got hit in the face by yannis' guitar, and he hi-fived me :) xox.

  2. Yeah I was at the one last yr in Guildhall, couldn't go to the Joiners one, was ill as fuck :(