16 Dec 2009

We won't stop until somebody calls the cops.

Right. Today was an odd day. It started snowing and for some reason I was incredibly excited about it. and then I was locked out of my house for 2 hours. In the snowy rain. Yeah that put a dampener on things abit. So good music to cheer myself up is needed.

Loose Lips - Kimya Dawson
This is a song from the massive movie Juno. And I'll admit, at the risk of my hipster status, It was where I heard it first. I know, I'm ashamed of myself too. Anyway its a really good song, sort of folky and Kimya dawson has a great voice. Plus the lyrics are really really reallllly good.

Soulwax - Miserable Girl (Nite Version)
If you ever download/buy/acquire a soulwax CD, make sure its the Nite Versions one. Nite versions is basically soulwax remixing their own album which was alright but was not actually that great. But when they mixed it up, it became awwwwwweeeeeesssssoooooommmmmmeeeeee. Yeah that great. Miserable girl is my near favourite song on their album, its a tough choice between it and KracK so I'll let you decide. Also if you want more download Part Of The Weekend Never Dies. its a DVD of them live/interviews with them. But because soulwax is split up into the actual band, the 2 brothers that make 2manyDj's and Radio Soulwax, the DVD is just amazing. anyway Link

Fuck sake. This song is actually impossible to get hold of. It isn't on youtube or up for download fucking ANYWHERE. so you'll have to listen to it on the link I send. anyway..
Bloc Party - Where Is Home (Diplo Remix)
I honestly don't think I've ever heard a bad remix from Diplo. And it was this song that made me start listening to bloc party and a load of other stuff. so thanks for that. But seriously it's an Insane electroy mix. Even if it is one of the most depressing songs of all time (The original is atleast)
NEW Link (Thank you anonymous commenter)

one more post.
Partyshank vs Yo Majesty (Shanks Bootleg Mix)
Even though I first heard this song like a year and a half ago, it still sounds brutal. Yo majesty are scary large american black lesbian rappers and Partyshank are skinny white English scene kids. Sounds like a terrible mix but Dammmmmmnnnnnnn this is good. I played it to a friend once and he listened to it on repeat for about 30 Min's. and then went on to a party and played it 5 times in one night. Yes it is that good. Also thank fuck partyshank remixed it, the original sounded kinda like the backing music to a cheap porno.
Oh Thank FUCK I can sleep now. Nighty.


  1. http://www.mediafire.com/?d22mxjlcctm

  2. Thank you anon, your a lifesaver.