12 Dec 2009

Sleepless long nights, That is what my youth is for.

I'm hoping what I'm in at the moment is a pre-youth. cos yeah there are plenty of sleepless long nights, but fuck me they're boring. Note to self: Get out more. But then again I wouldn't be able to find newish stuff If I was out all the time. Also it amazes me that I'm never out, but I'm always more tired than anyone else in college. Maybe its because I post shitty blog entry's at 1 in the morning. Right that's enough ramblings for today/night.

Kleerup ft. Lykke Li - Until We Bleed
I have a feeling that 'Misfits' did for this song what Skins did for Foals 'Hummer' and for Crystal Castles 'Alice Practice'. More than half the comments on youtube are of the "MiSfYTS FTW!!!11!1!" variety. and I still think those people should be shot repeatedly for forgetting how to write properly. Anyway the song is pretty good even with the annoying fans. Sounds like a HeartsRevolution who've done a kilo of weed to calm themselves down. and stolen some violins. Which I'd expect from them anyway the damn ice cream bandits. Link

Borgore - Act Like A Ho
Borgore is a strange case. I think a diagram may be needed to understand what the hell he's trying to do. But as I would like to get to sleep at some point and I don't want anyone to see my M$ Paint skills unless you have swine flu or your nearly unconscious from drink. Either way your bound to throw up, so the mentally scarring images will speed things along a bit. Fuck me I do get sidetracked.
Anyway. To put it as basically as I can: Borgore is a Electronic Wannabe gangster who hides behind crazily hyped up dubstep and ridiculously anti-PC lyrics. Actually that wasn't too hard to explain. The song itself has quite a good drop and beat to the dubstep, just ignore his strange rapping. Apart from the "DO THE DISHES!" part, makes me laugh every time.

Metronomy- On Dancefloors
Nearly the best song of the best album I bought in the last 2 years. which was when I started downloading things.. Yes I know I'm such a badman. Anyway, I would lose a leg to see metronomy live. This song is chilllllllled out to the extreme, even when the group are doing the classic metronomy thing of shoving skitty harsh digital samples over the top of some other strange music. It all just works. I want to marry this song. Link

MSTRKRFT ft John Legend - Heartbreaker
You've gotta love a bit of MSTRKRFT. They're basically Boyz Noize but from Canada and make less techno-y sounds. This song is a good example of a MUCH less Techno-y sound. Because its pretty much electro with the Amazing John legend singing over the top. If you're not singing this for AT LEAST a week after, you don't deserve ears. cut them off and send them to KFC, they need more meat for their 'food'..
I also absolutely loooooove the video to this song. I want to work in that shop so badly it hurts.

Thats enough shenanigans for now. I was planning on doing more but I had to find the link for metronomy which made me all chilled so now I'm gonna sleep. But I am planning a "Best Of The Naughties" post, possibly all as one mix if I get my decks and nanopad sorted before or soon after new years.
Something for y'all to look forward to. toodles.


  1. you don't know shit about borgore. he's the hottest thing in underground dubstep currently.

    nor is he any wannabe. you just need to educate yourself first.

  2. I wasn't saying Borgore isn't good. If I thought that, why would I post him. And Fair enough, I didn't research him before I posted this, I just thought he was some american guy who'd listened to too much wu tang clan. But come on, you can't say he's in "Underground Dubstep". He's really well known. Thats like saying Rusko is underground.