24 Dec 2009

The only Girl I've ever loved, was born with roses in her eyes.

Stuck at home on Christmas eve, no presents to wrap, no money to get to town, no one online to talk to. Thus, I blog.

MSTRKRFT- Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix)
SickSickSick. The original of this song is great anyway, but Laidback Luke has a way with remixes. This sounds a lot more Techno-y than the original, but in a good way. But it does get a little bit boring after 3.30 mins. Still good though. Also the image that someones put with this song has convinced me to dress up as MSTRKRFT for Halloween.

Get Off - Blaqstarr & Diplo (Jack Beats Remix)
Firstly, Jack Beats stole my potential DJ name the penis. But anyway, I don't quite know how to describe this song. It sort of sounds dubstepy but the actual bassline sounds like electro. Fuck it, its a new genre that Jack Beats invented.Dubstro? Electep? Send in suggestions.

Simian Mobile Disco ft. Beth Ditto - Cruel intentions (Joker Remix)
I fucking loved SMD's first album (attack decay sustain release), but the second one sounds way too poppy. I mean Beth ditto? Really? I'd honestly prefer Miley Cyrus singing on this song. Anyway thank fuck Joker went and shoved a nice dirty bassline on it. If you into large lesbians yelling in your ear than you may enjoy the vocals on this song. But if your like me and just plain don't like Beth ditto then just ignore her ramblings and turn your bass up.

Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - Though Shalt Always Kill / Drop The lime Remix
Scroobius Pip is literally the best poet/rapper around. Find anyone else than can get as much across in a song as he does in just one line. Plus that beard is just magical. I have a signed Vinyl from him :D yes a smiley was needed there. Dan Le Sac is underrated as a producer I think, he ripppppped it when I saw him live, even after Scroobius Pip had left. He did a absolutely killer mix of Ghost town by the Specials and everyone there just destroyed the building. But sometimes you need a bit of electro remixing to spice up a song a bit. If your not into the electro stuff, just listen/watch the original, pretty much proves what I was saying about Pip being an amazing poet.

And now for something Completely Different.
Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland 1945
I've been trying to write about this for a while, but each time I do I delete it before posting because I don't think I can do it justice. But fuck it. It's a brilliant song, as are all of the songs on NMH's album (In An Aeroplane Over The Sea). And yes I know it sounds scratchy as fuck, no your speakers aren't broken and no it isn't a shit recording. That's just how it was made. But honestly, forget about that and just listen.

Right that was one of the quickest posts I've ever done. Seriously, 25 mins is incredibly good for me. Anyhow this will definitely be my last post before Christmas as it's tomorrow, so merry Christmas guys.
What's the difference between Father Christmas and Tiger Woods?
Father Christmas only has 3 Ho's.
And that is my present to you.

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  1. oh maan, i love Neutral Milk Hotel. you've got the best taste ever xox.