11 Dec 2009

Long time no blog

fuck this. I could go into masses of details about how I've been busy at college as an excuse not for posting for a month or so but no ones here for that. if anyone reads this at all that is. anywho. Start off with some nice dubstep to ease us in.

Stenchman-The Number One
There is no way in hell you will be able to get this song out of your head for the next century. Its a sick little relaxing remix of One is the lonliest number by..fuck it some girl with a good voice.Apologies for the lack of a drop but not all dub needs it as I've argued a loooooot of times. I recommend you listen twice, for some reason it seems better the second time.
and I'm only posting youtube links for now, I'll post up the software to download them later in my Info bar. anyway.. Link

Next tonight we have...Oh bugger it I'm in a dubby mood tonight. Here's another one just for you lot.
501-Mind Control
Now this is what you call a drop. I have no idea about who 501 is or anything else, I just know he makes tunes so filthy I need a bath. I think the bass melted my brain. Link

Now this is apparently dubstep, but I think its more bassy electro like crookers mashed up with crystal castles. which is apparently a good thing cos the song it suprisingly addictive. I hated it the first time I heard it but about 10 hours later I needed to hear it again. reminds me of mcat..
ahem. Link

And Now for something completely different.. I told you I had mixed tastes.
I'm fairly tired as it's 12.30 and I have to be up for 6. so Some calming music should do me good.
Au Revoir Simone - The Lucky One
I dare anyone not to be calmed by this song. Just try it.

told you, can't be done. I absolutely love it with everything I own. God bless you strange brooklyn girls. Link

The Shins - New slang
Oh come on, if your only just hearing about this now, You don't deserve to hear music. But if you have been locked in a russian gulag for the last 5 years then I'll forgive you and give you a listen to a pretty damn good song. I've over played it so it does nothing to me anymore but when I first heard it I think I actually fell asleep because it was so damn calming. Also gives me flashbacks to 'Garden State' which is still one of my favourite movies ever. because I'm so cool and indie like that.. Link

Cake On Cake - Dreams will come true
I swear to god, this is one of the hardest artists to find on the whole damn internet. There is one, JUST ONE website that has her stuff up for download. I obviously can't name names but if you typed "Rapid" and "Share" and cake on cake into google, Who knows what might turn up for your enjoyment. Anyway, the music is a lot like au revior simone, just more relaxed. Which is a guuuurd thing. Thank you strange swedish girl. Link
P.s. download her album "I see no stars". Its the best thing I've heard in about a month, which given the amount of music I go through is a looooong time.

yes I'm gonna be incredibly tired in the morning but I thought you all would like to hear a good old song.
Portals "Still Alive" credits. I'm ashamed to say I only just played through portal properly. If anyone out there has played the game Portal then the injokes would make sense to them. If not its just a damn good song anyway. basically the person singing is a robot who just tried to kill you. but you killed her thanks to your gun that shoots portals.
Actually that pretty much covers it. but play the game anyway, Its brilliant.

The cake is a lie.

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