30 Dec 2009

I will Shout untill they know what I mean

I'm in a ridiculously good mood atm. No idea why but it's awesome. so this is just gonna be a nice mix bag of tunes

Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry (Starsmith Remix)
I'm not sure why I like this song but it's just nice and chillllled. I like some Lisa Mitchell and she does have an amazingly good voice but her music isn't quite for me. But as always, there's an electro-y remix hidden away such as this one. It's not a party song it's a chilled-out-on-the-grass-smoking-with-friends song. Fuck it, it's just a really good song.

Kanji Kinetic - Shut Up!
I have no idea where I first heard of this song, I think it was off a tiny corner in Vice magazine. I downloaded it but never really listened to it that much properly. Howeverrrr, I shoved it on my new mp3 last week and turned it on at a rather good party last night. It was loved! It's pretty simple and probably shouldn't be as long as it is, but you can't deny that Mr. Kinetic has some epicly good potential. He shoves some good little electro ,boys noize-y almost, into a pretty nice dubstep song. Thank you Mr. Kinetic for giving me a good party yesterday.

Neutral Milk Hotel - King Of Carrot Flowers Pts Two & Three
Yes I know I've already raved about NMH recently but incase you haven't downloaded it yet, listen to this. If this doesn't convince you then I will find you and poke you with a sharp stick until you buy the album. Trust me, It's for your own good. Yes the "IIIIIIIII LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE YYYYOOOOOUUUUU JJJJJEEEEEESSSSSUUUUUUSSSSSSS CCCCCCCHHHHHHRRRRRIIIIIISSSSSTTTTTT" Part is abit odd but this is from a band that must have done a wallpapers worth of Lsd when they wrote this album. And thank fuck they did.

Late Of The Pier - Broken (Fair Lights Mix)
OoooOOoOoOoOh Late of the pier I love you rather large amounts. Their album is just a mashup of electro/indie/very-strange-genres-I-can't-name. There's even a bit of folk in there. I thought this remix was the original song for ages until I found the actual original. It's really not that good so I'm just gonna pretend this is how they wanted it to sound. Feels better that way.
Link P.S- most of the versions on youtube are an old demo one so I figured some guys video of his road trip would be good enough. The song is still there, don't worry.

Happy new year guyss

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