15 Dec 2009

I don't Need you, I Want you.

Blogging too late. And I know I said I wouldn't this week but I don't stick to timetables very well.

Metronomy - Not made for love
I could so easily do a whole post on just metronomy. Thats how much I love them. even if it is just one guy with a lot of synths and a revolving door of back up guitarists/bassists/drummers (The new girl drummer is Hooooooooooooot! and from lightspeed champion!). This is a new one of theirs, well newish. Its only on an EP or download. But dammmmmn I'm tempted to get the vinyl copy of it, its so good! Calming as fuck and with the classic metronomy random synths.

Iron and Wine - Such Great Heights (The Postal Service cover)
Don't get me wrong, I love the original of this song, The postal service put just the right amount of synth into it. But the vocals can so easily be converted into making a great acoustic song like Iron and Wine has done. I haven't even seen this guy but I can bet he has a beard. He just sounds like it. His voice is so damn calming I may fall asleep. I bet you will too. And just in case I actually do get a girlfriend before I'm 30 odd, I shotgun this as our song.

Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane remix feat. Au Revior Simone)
I've already blogged about Au Revior Simone I think. And so you know how much I like their music. And I do like a couple of friendly fires songs, but this version is so much better! It barely sounds like the original but in this case its a good thing. Turns out areoplane are master remixers. Who knew.

Mr.Oizo - Steroids ft. Uffie
For those of you who don't know who Mr.Oizo is, try to remember the levi's advert from the early 2000's of a bear head banging in car. Actually fuck it, just look up flat beat. Everyone will recognize it. Anyway, Uffie is a sort of singer/rapper who does a lot of vocals for songs on ed banger records. By herself (with feadz her ex boyfriend) she's surprisingly good but Oizo is just another class. I mean the man has been making ridiculous electro tunes for about 10 years now, so he knows what just works. Like this song for example. I don't think I should like it, its pretty basic. But According to my music player I've listened to it 319 times. so I guess I do like it abit then.

Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights
If you haven't heard of this group by now, your a bit late, they've already broken up. Unfortunately. And they only made one CD which is even worse! especially when you hear a song like this. Romantic Rights is my favourite song on their album mostly because of the incredibly addictive riff at the start. You'll be air guitar-ing it for ages. But If you download the whole album, listen to the Justice remix of Blood On Our Hands. The synths Justice use make me drool and jizz in my pants at the same time.

Right, I'm out before I get yelled at.
Also, hey barge if your reading.

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  1. the justice remix of dfa1979 is amazing, and the MSTRKRFT edit of little girl. also bloc party diplo <3
    yo have good taste ox.