12 Dec 2009

Guess I got my swagga back.

I have posted a lot this week. Mostly cos it's the first week I've barely had any homework to do. I mean I still have a fair bit but I'm failing psychology anyway. I'm determined to post more than just dubstep this time so I'll just start off with it.

Excision & DatsiK - Swagga
I heard this on the epicly good Excision Shambhala 2009 Mix. Its verrry good, pretty dirty but not too extreme with a drop that cragga sounds like he's copied in "Mr Postman". I have surprisingly little to say on this song for some reason. I'll let the tune do the talking. Link

Crookers Ft Soulwax & Mixhell - We Love Animals
Oh My Lordy. I may not be the biggest fan of crookers some of the time, especially after they made dubstep all mainstream and shit with day'n'night but damn they can make a good beat. And soulwax are the back-up gods of electro (After Justice of course). The two of them can already make any track dancy enough for a old person to mosh to, so the combination on this track is simple bliss. I may have to download the upcoming crookers album if there are more tunes like this on it. And thank you crookers for putting it up as a free download.
Youtube Link
Download Link

Battles - Ddiamondd
I do love the math rock stuff but I still wish foals or battles would release something new, it's been too long. This was my favourite song from battles debut full length album 'Mirrored'. Its insanely fast and if you put it on at a party, the house WILL be trashed. It sounds kind of like a song from Death From Above 1979 on speed.

Gideon Conn - I Want You Around
I saw this guy when I was about 14 in a tiny little gig. He fell off the stage and I stole his hat. He's one of the strangest artists I've heard for a while. He's also a damn good musician. See I have to call him a musician because I have no idea what the hell he does. He sort of raps like scroobius pip but messes about with a guitar as well. And I thought in the two years since I'd seen him he would become abit more well known, but apparently he's still obscure and the only youtube videos of him are live. He was awesome live but I prefer the studio version of this track. And so I had to upload one myself. Now I feel like a scenester.

Justice - Phantom PtII (Boyz Noize Unreleased Turbine)
As I've said before Boyz Noize are the kings of painfully heavy electro. They already did a remix of Phantom PtII by Justice (Which is a pretty good song even before being remixed), but this one was a remix of that remix. And I think they've managed to make it even better than it already was. I've already decided I'm putting this on my first proper mix I do. Its just so ridiculously dancy that I'm doing a little jig even though I'm sat down watching QI.

Now I was gonna post a track I've had on my phone for about 6 months but youtube doesn't have it and I can't find it either. So I'll save it for another day. If you wanna try to find it search
for "Wiley-Cash in my pocket (chew fu big room fix)". Good luck. And here's my back up.

Mos Def - Quiet Dog Bite Hard
Mos def could have easily been as big as Jay-z is now. But he wanted to do acting or something. I would complain but when he came back he came up with "The Ecstatic", easily one of my favourite rap albums of all time. And this is probably one of the best songs on the album. This man could rap as an olympic sport. Quiet dog bite hard my god..

Expect no posts the next week, I'm working on college coursework and my best of the naughties tracklist. and COD of course. Laters.


  1. battles and mos def <3
    do you know Hella? they're pretty damn good http://www.last.fm/music/Hella/_/1-800-Ghost-Dance?autostart

  2. Yeah I've heard of them, a bit too noisy for me. but they're still pretty good :)