7 Oct 2009

Nuevo Musica.

Well I've got a week of nothing to do thanks to swine flu. So I decided to look up some new music and share it with the blogosphere. And I'm ashamed I just used that word.
But before I introduce you to a heap of new music, a taster of what to expect from this.
This blog is basically about music I like. I don't care if its popular now, last year or if it's never popular. If I've only just started listening to it and I like it then It'll appear here. Simples (:

Now On With The Show!
Right up now is a guy called Joy Orbison. He's from London and his song Hyph Mngo is simply epic. Its sort of a dubstepy trancey dance mashup featuring Janet Jackson (I think).

Now with more dubstep! Rusko VS Tempa T - Mr Muscles Hype
I'm still amazed how many people haven't heard this song. It's honestly one of my favourite dubstep tunes of all time. Plus It's featuring Tempz! This is a man who could make a nursery rhyme sound violent. So putting him with some siiiiiiick dub from Rusko is a match made in the dirtiest depths of hell. which is a good thing.

Everyone has one Christmas memory where they were really really excited for a present only for it to be ruined at the last minute right? Like your waiting for a new bike and you get it!..But without the wheels. Feels bad huh? Well that's how I felt with the new Deadmau5 song. I've been waiting for Ghosts'n'Stuff to be released properly for aaggeess. I watched him playing it live on youtube about 50 times. I downloaded all the remixes and all the shitty radio rips. I knew it was all building up to something big. And it was! but then at the last second it was ruined by the twat from pendulum thinking he can sing. What a bell. Luckily Deadmau5 has managed to save himself some face with moar ghosts 'n' stuff (Yes deadmau5 is a /b/tard) It's not as good as Ghosts'n'Stuff could have been but it's still a banging bit of Techno/Electro

If you haven't heard of Chase&Status, you need to get out more. They're huge in the the DnB and Dubstep world now and have been for a while. Saxon ,Eastern Jam and Running are among some of their Massssive tunes that will blow your speakers out. Now they've decided to give remixing a go. But they didn't just simply shove a bassline on the song and speed it up. Instead they found a guitar. And they shoved it on an already Epic song. Nneka is a 27 year old, Half Nigerian,Half German girl with a voice that will melt your ears into happy little puddles. The song thats she made and that Chase&Status remixed is called Heartbeat. Each version is amazingly good in different ways. If you wanna have a great calming sing along then the original is for you. If you fancy a little bit of head banging then the chase and status mix is the one you want. T o be honest I'd just get them both, you won't regret it.
Original Link
Remix Link

Right that's enough for one day! See you soon gang.

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