30 Dec 2009

I will Shout untill they know what I mean

I'm in a ridiculously good mood atm. No idea why but it's awesome. so this is just gonna be a nice mix bag of tunes

Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry (Starsmith Remix)
I'm not sure why I like this song but it's just nice and chillllled. I like some Lisa Mitchell and she does have an amazingly good voice but her music isn't quite for me. But as always, there's an electro-y remix hidden away such as this one. It's not a party song it's a chilled-out-on-the-grass-smoking-with-friends song. Fuck it, it's just a really good song.

Kanji Kinetic - Shut Up!
I have no idea where I first heard of this song, I think it was off a tiny corner in Vice magazine. I downloaded it but never really listened to it that much properly. Howeverrrr, I shoved it on my new mp3 last week and turned it on at a rather good party last night. It was loved! It's pretty simple and probably shouldn't be as long as it is, but you can't deny that Mr. Kinetic has some epicly good potential. He shoves some good little electro ,boys noize-y almost, into a pretty nice dubstep song. Thank you Mr. Kinetic for giving me a good party yesterday.

Neutral Milk Hotel - King Of Carrot Flowers Pts Two & Three
Yes I know I've already raved about NMH recently but incase you haven't downloaded it yet, listen to this. If this doesn't convince you then I will find you and poke you with a sharp stick until you buy the album. Trust me, It's for your own good. Yes the "IIIIIIIII LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE YYYYOOOOOUUUUU JJJJJEEEEEESSSSSUUUUUUSSSSSSS CCCCCCCHHHHHHRRRRRIIIIIISSSSSTTTTTT" Part is abit odd but this is from a band that must have done a wallpapers worth of Lsd when they wrote this album. And thank fuck they did.

Late Of The Pier - Broken (Fair Lights Mix)
OoooOOoOoOoOh Late of the pier I love you rather large amounts. Their album is just a mashup of electro/indie/very-strange-genres-I-can't-name. There's even a bit of folk in there. I thought this remix was the original song for ages until I found the actual original. It's really not that good so I'm just gonna pretend this is how they wanted it to sound. Feels better that way.
Link P.S- most of the versions on youtube are an old demo one so I figured some guys video of his road trip would be good enough. The song is still there, don't worry.

Happy new year guyss

29 Dec 2009

When did we forget our dreams?

The infinite possibilities each day holds should stagger the mind. The sheer number of experiences I could have is uncountable,breathtaking, and I'm sitting here refreshing my inbox. We live trapped in loops. Reliving a few days over and over, and we envision only a handful of paths laid out ahead of us. We see the same things each day, we respond the same way, we think the same thoughts, each day a slight variation on the last, every movement smoothly following the gentle curves of social norms. We act like if we just get thourgh today, tomorrow our dreams will come back to us.

And no, I don't have all the answers. I don't know how to jolt myself into seeing what each moment could become. But I do know one thing: The solution doesn't involve watering down my every little idea and creative impulse for the sake of someday easing my fit into a mold. It doesn't invlove tempering my life to better fit someone's expectations. It doesn't involve constantly holding back for fear of shaking things up.

This is very important, so I want to say it as clearly as I can:

27 Dec 2009

My newest Addiction.

Fuck me I love this contraption.

P.s. - fuck you friendzone.

24 Dec 2009

The only Girl I've ever loved, was born with roses in her eyes.

Stuck at home on Christmas eve, no presents to wrap, no money to get to town, no one online to talk to. Thus, I blog.

MSTRKRFT- Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix)
SickSickSick. The original of this song is great anyway, but Laidback Luke has a way with remixes. This sounds a lot more Techno-y than the original, but in a good way. But it does get a little bit boring after 3.30 mins. Still good though. Also the image that someones put with this song has convinced me to dress up as MSTRKRFT for Halloween.

Get Off - Blaqstarr & Diplo (Jack Beats Remix)
Firstly, Jack Beats stole my potential DJ name the penis. But anyway, I don't quite know how to describe this song. It sort of sounds dubstepy but the actual bassline sounds like electro. Fuck it, its a new genre that Jack Beats invented.Dubstro? Electep? Send in suggestions.

Simian Mobile Disco ft. Beth Ditto - Cruel intentions (Joker Remix)
I fucking loved SMD's first album (attack decay sustain release), but the second one sounds way too poppy. I mean Beth ditto? Really? I'd honestly prefer Miley Cyrus singing on this song. Anyway thank fuck Joker went and shoved a nice dirty bassline on it. If you into large lesbians yelling in your ear than you may enjoy the vocals on this song. But if your like me and just plain don't like Beth ditto then just ignore her ramblings and turn your bass up.

Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - Though Shalt Always Kill / Drop The lime Remix
Scroobius Pip is literally the best poet/rapper around. Find anyone else than can get as much across in a song as he does in just one line. Plus that beard is just magical. I have a signed Vinyl from him :D yes a smiley was needed there. Dan Le Sac is underrated as a producer I think, he ripppppped it when I saw him live, even after Scroobius Pip had left. He did a absolutely killer mix of Ghost town by the Specials and everyone there just destroyed the building. But sometimes you need a bit of electro remixing to spice up a song a bit. If your not into the electro stuff, just listen/watch the original, pretty much proves what I was saying about Pip being an amazing poet.

And now for something Completely Different.
Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland 1945
I've been trying to write about this for a while, but each time I do I delete it before posting because I don't think I can do it justice. But fuck it. It's a brilliant song, as are all of the songs on NMH's album (In An Aeroplane Over The Sea). And yes I know it sounds scratchy as fuck, no your speakers aren't broken and no it isn't a shit recording. That's just how it was made. But honestly, forget about that and just listen.

Right that was one of the quickest posts I've ever done. Seriously, 25 mins is incredibly good for me. Anyhow this will definitely be my last post before Christmas as it's tomorrow, so merry Christmas guys.
What's the difference between Father Christmas and Tiger Woods?
Father Christmas only has 3 Ho's.
And that is my present to you.

22 Dec 2009

A song that will touch you..Inappropriately

Don't consider this a proper post, just consider it the BEST SONG EVER WRITTEN. Seriously, there is no need for any music ever again.
If you don't look, you don't deserve to be on this page.

20 Dec 2009

You've gotta be sick, If you think your better than me prick.

Wow, I've realised that if you stare hard enough at blank space, a blog will suddenly appear. such as this one. Decided to do a "Best of my computer" music list today. so my top *however many till I get bored* favourite songs will be posted..


Foals - Two Steps Twice
The best in indie-dance-punk-math-rock. Which, to be fair, not that many bands are in. Anyway, Antidotes was most definitely the best album of 2008 (Fuck you NME and your MGMT, they only had 2 good songs). I got the special edition which had the live cd and about 4 bonus tracks. Best thing I may have ever bought. I also got to go see them live in Southampton once, amazing sweaty drunken night. When they played this live, it was just mental. Me and this guy were singing it to each other for about 3 weeks after the gig, literally every time we saw each other. and we had like 4 lessons together. so that's a LOT of singing.

Justice VS Public Enemy - Genesis/Bring the Noise20xx
The best song in any game. From DJ hero which has the best track list from any music game ever. Plus DJ AM (R.I.P) mixed on it so it deserves an honourable mention. I think any song which features Justice is pretty much instantly awesome. And public enemy are damn good rappers. I can't be fucked to write anymore for this song, just listen.

Metronomy - This could be beautiful (It Is)
OhmygodIhavetostoppostingaboutmetronomy. But I can't. I love Joseph Mount and his little ever-changing gang.This was the song that got me into them to start with. I had downloaded the first Kitsuné-Maison compilation and shoved it all on my mp3 then went to Ibiza for 2 weeks. Long story short, Ended up drinking too much absinthe, running from security and lying under a sun bed so not to be noticed. Thought I might as well listen to some music whilst I'm here so put my Mp3 player on shuffle. This was the first song that came up and I honestly think I must have kept it on repeat after the first time I listened to it for about 2 hours. The absinthe may have had something to do with that. I think i may have hallucinated a music video for this song cos apparently there isn't one. But damn the one I can remember is awesome. But fuck it, who cares about the video when the songs are this good?

David E. Sugar VS Ears - First OK
Yes I know its an ancient song, but Its still one of my favourite grime songs. And In my opinion The best chiptune/Grime mashup. Yes I know no-one else wants that title but whatever. Ears is sort of weird in the whole grime world. He's a good enough MC, he just seems kinda try-hard. But who cares, the beats that David E. Sugar makes are sicksicksick. Ahh I'm really not in the mood for writing long things tonight. Sorry for another short one. But atleast this one has a cool video.

Les Petit Pilous - Wake Up
Best electro song with awesome video. I only looked up these guys cos they did an awesome remix of DVNO by Justice. But Daaaaamn the drop on this song is good! And the video is trippy as fuck. Plus their on Boyz Noizes record label which is a sign that they have to be good. Unfortunately I don't really like too much of their songs, but this one is pretty good.

Dead Disco - The Treatment (Metronomy Remix)
Yes I know I already posted Metronomy, BUT this is a remix. So ha. And this is going for the category of Best song I've had in my head for about 2 days. Dead Disco had little boots in before she went all shitty and pop, and most of their songs are really good. But this remix is better than anything they've done. Which either shows that they're not actually that good or that Metronomy are electronic gods. I can't say which.

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Mistakes And Regrets
Best guilty secret pleasure. I'm ashamed to tell people I like this song because of the bands' name. But sometimes, you need a bit of noise like this. It isn't too br00tal, we aren't quite in BMTH territory. But it's still heavier than 70% of the stuff I listen to. And you know what, I like it :)

This might be my last post before Christmas so consider this your present.

I'm serious, your not getting anything else. Ungrateful dicks.
Merry Christmas y'all.

16 Dec 2009

We won't stop until somebody calls the cops.

Right. Today was an odd day. It started snowing and for some reason I was incredibly excited about it. and then I was locked out of my house for 2 hours. In the snowy rain. Yeah that put a dampener on things abit. So good music to cheer myself up is needed.

Loose Lips - Kimya Dawson
This is a song from the massive movie Juno. And I'll admit, at the risk of my hipster status, It was where I heard it first. I know, I'm ashamed of myself too. Anyway its a really good song, sort of folky and Kimya dawson has a great voice. Plus the lyrics are really really reallllly good.

Soulwax - Miserable Girl (Nite Version)
If you ever download/buy/acquire a soulwax CD, make sure its the Nite Versions one. Nite versions is basically soulwax remixing their own album which was alright but was not actually that great. But when they mixed it up, it became awwwwwweeeeeesssssoooooommmmmmeeeeee. Yeah that great. Miserable girl is my near favourite song on their album, its a tough choice between it and KracK so I'll let you decide. Also if you want more download Part Of The Weekend Never Dies. its a DVD of them live/interviews with them. But because soulwax is split up into the actual band, the 2 brothers that make 2manyDj's and Radio Soulwax, the DVD is just amazing. anyway Link

Fuck sake. This song is actually impossible to get hold of. It isn't on youtube or up for download fucking ANYWHERE. so you'll have to listen to it on the link I send. anyway..
Bloc Party - Where Is Home (Diplo Remix)
I honestly don't think I've ever heard a bad remix from Diplo. And it was this song that made me start listening to bloc party and a load of other stuff. so thanks for that. But seriously it's an Insane electroy mix. Even if it is one of the most depressing songs of all time (The original is atleast)
NEW Link (Thank you anonymous commenter)

one more post.
Partyshank vs Yo Majesty (Shanks Bootleg Mix)
Even though I first heard this song like a year and a half ago, it still sounds brutal. Yo majesty are scary large american black lesbian rappers and Partyshank are skinny white English scene kids. Sounds like a terrible mix but Dammmmmmnnnnnnn this is good. I played it to a friend once and he listened to it on repeat for about 30 Min's. and then went on to a party and played it 5 times in one night. Yes it is that good. Also thank fuck partyshank remixed it, the original sounded kinda like the backing music to a cheap porno.
Oh Thank FUCK I can sleep now. Nighty.

15 Dec 2009

I don't Need you, I Want you.

Blogging too late. And I know I said I wouldn't this week but I don't stick to timetables very well.

Metronomy - Not made for love
I could so easily do a whole post on just metronomy. Thats how much I love them. even if it is just one guy with a lot of synths and a revolving door of back up guitarists/bassists/drummers (The new girl drummer is Hooooooooooooot! and from lightspeed champion!). This is a new one of theirs, well newish. Its only on an EP or download. But dammmmmn I'm tempted to get the vinyl copy of it, its so good! Calming as fuck and with the classic metronomy random synths.

Iron and Wine - Such Great Heights (The Postal Service cover)
Don't get me wrong, I love the original of this song, The postal service put just the right amount of synth into it. But the vocals can so easily be converted into making a great acoustic song like Iron and Wine has done. I haven't even seen this guy but I can bet he has a beard. He just sounds like it. His voice is so damn calming I may fall asleep. I bet you will too. And just in case I actually do get a girlfriend before I'm 30 odd, I shotgun this as our song.

Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane remix feat. Au Revior Simone)
I've already blogged about Au Revior Simone I think. And so you know how much I like their music. And I do like a couple of friendly fires songs, but this version is so much better! It barely sounds like the original but in this case its a good thing. Turns out areoplane are master remixers. Who knew.

Mr.Oizo - Steroids ft. Uffie
For those of you who don't know who Mr.Oizo is, try to remember the levi's advert from the early 2000's of a bear head banging in car. Actually fuck it, just look up flat beat. Everyone will recognize it. Anyway, Uffie is a sort of singer/rapper who does a lot of vocals for songs on ed banger records. By herself (with feadz her ex boyfriend) she's surprisingly good but Oizo is just another class. I mean the man has been making ridiculous electro tunes for about 10 years now, so he knows what just works. Like this song for example. I don't think I should like it, its pretty basic. But According to my music player I've listened to it 319 times. so I guess I do like it abit then.

Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights
If you haven't heard of this group by now, your a bit late, they've already broken up. Unfortunately. And they only made one CD which is even worse! especially when you hear a song like this. Romantic Rights is my favourite song on their album mostly because of the incredibly addictive riff at the start. You'll be air guitar-ing it for ages. But If you download the whole album, listen to the Justice remix of Blood On Our Hands. The synths Justice use make me drool and jizz in my pants at the same time.

Right, I'm out before I get yelled at.
Also, hey barge if your reading.

12 Dec 2009

Guess I got my swagga back.

I have posted a lot this week. Mostly cos it's the first week I've barely had any homework to do. I mean I still have a fair bit but I'm failing psychology anyway. I'm determined to post more than just dubstep this time so I'll just start off with it.

Excision & DatsiK - Swagga
I heard this on the epicly good Excision Shambhala 2009 Mix. Its verrry good, pretty dirty but not too extreme with a drop that cragga sounds like he's copied in "Mr Postman". I have surprisingly little to say on this song for some reason. I'll let the tune do the talking. Link

Crookers Ft Soulwax & Mixhell - We Love Animals
Oh My Lordy. I may not be the biggest fan of crookers some of the time, especially after they made dubstep all mainstream and shit with day'n'night but damn they can make a good beat. And soulwax are the back-up gods of electro (After Justice of course). The two of them can already make any track dancy enough for a old person to mosh to, so the combination on this track is simple bliss. I may have to download the upcoming crookers album if there are more tunes like this on it. And thank you crookers for putting it up as a free download.
Youtube Link
Download Link

Battles - Ddiamondd
I do love the math rock stuff but I still wish foals or battles would release something new, it's been too long. This was my favourite song from battles debut full length album 'Mirrored'. Its insanely fast and if you put it on at a party, the house WILL be trashed. It sounds kind of like a song from Death From Above 1979 on speed.

Gideon Conn - I Want You Around
I saw this guy when I was about 14 in a tiny little gig. He fell off the stage and I stole his hat. He's one of the strangest artists I've heard for a while. He's also a damn good musician. See I have to call him a musician because I have no idea what the hell he does. He sort of raps like scroobius pip but messes about with a guitar as well. And I thought in the two years since I'd seen him he would become abit more well known, but apparently he's still obscure and the only youtube videos of him are live. He was awesome live but I prefer the studio version of this track. And so I had to upload one myself. Now I feel like a scenester.

Justice - Phantom PtII (Boyz Noize Unreleased Turbine)
As I've said before Boyz Noize are the kings of painfully heavy electro. They already did a remix of Phantom PtII by Justice (Which is a pretty good song even before being remixed), but this one was a remix of that remix. And I think they've managed to make it even better than it already was. I've already decided I'm putting this on my first proper mix I do. Its just so ridiculously dancy that I'm doing a little jig even though I'm sat down watching QI.

Now I was gonna post a track I've had on my phone for about 6 months but youtube doesn't have it and I can't find it either. So I'll save it for another day. If you wanna try to find it search
for "Wiley-Cash in my pocket (chew fu big room fix)". Good luck. And here's my back up.

Mos Def - Quiet Dog Bite Hard
Mos def could have easily been as big as Jay-z is now. But he wanted to do acting or something. I would complain but when he came back he came up with "The Ecstatic", easily one of my favourite rap albums of all time. And this is probably one of the best songs on the album. This man could rap as an olympic sport. Quiet dog bite hard my god..

Expect no posts the next week, I'm working on college coursework and my best of the naughties tracklist. and COD of course. Laters.

Sleepless long nights, That is what my youth is for.

I'm hoping what I'm in at the moment is a pre-youth. cos yeah there are plenty of sleepless long nights, but fuck me they're boring. Note to self: Get out more. But then again I wouldn't be able to find newish stuff If I was out all the time. Also it amazes me that I'm never out, but I'm always more tired than anyone else in college. Maybe its because I post shitty blog entry's at 1 in the morning. Right that's enough ramblings for today/night.

Kleerup ft. Lykke Li - Until We Bleed
I have a feeling that 'Misfits' did for this song what Skins did for Foals 'Hummer' and for Crystal Castles 'Alice Practice'. More than half the comments on youtube are of the "MiSfYTS FTW!!!11!1!" variety. and I still think those people should be shot repeatedly for forgetting how to write properly. Anyway the song is pretty good even with the annoying fans. Sounds like a HeartsRevolution who've done a kilo of weed to calm themselves down. and stolen some violins. Which I'd expect from them anyway the damn ice cream bandits. Link

Borgore - Act Like A Ho
Borgore is a strange case. I think a diagram may be needed to understand what the hell he's trying to do. But as I would like to get to sleep at some point and I don't want anyone to see my M$ Paint skills unless you have swine flu or your nearly unconscious from drink. Either way your bound to throw up, so the mentally scarring images will speed things along a bit. Fuck me I do get sidetracked.
Anyway. To put it as basically as I can: Borgore is a Electronic Wannabe gangster who hides behind crazily hyped up dubstep and ridiculously anti-PC lyrics. Actually that wasn't too hard to explain. The song itself has quite a good drop and beat to the dubstep, just ignore his strange rapping. Apart from the "DO THE DISHES!" part, makes me laugh every time.

Metronomy- On Dancefloors
Nearly the best song of the best album I bought in the last 2 years. which was when I started downloading things.. Yes I know I'm such a badman. Anyway, I would lose a leg to see metronomy live. This song is chilllllllled out to the extreme, even when the group are doing the classic metronomy thing of shoving skitty harsh digital samples over the top of some other strange music. It all just works. I want to marry this song. Link

MSTRKRFT ft John Legend - Heartbreaker
You've gotta love a bit of MSTRKRFT. They're basically Boyz Noize but from Canada and make less techno-y sounds. This song is a good example of a MUCH less Techno-y sound. Because its pretty much electro with the Amazing John legend singing over the top. If you're not singing this for AT LEAST a week after, you don't deserve ears. cut them off and send them to KFC, they need more meat for their 'food'..
I also absolutely loooooove the video to this song. I want to work in that shop so badly it hurts.

Thats enough shenanigans for now. I was planning on doing more but I had to find the link for metronomy which made me all chilled so now I'm gonna sleep. But I am planning a "Best Of The Naughties" post, possibly all as one mix if I get my decks and nanopad sorted before or soon after new years.
Something for y'all to look forward to. toodles.

11 Dec 2009

Long time no blog

fuck this. I could go into masses of details about how I've been busy at college as an excuse not for posting for a month or so but no ones here for that. if anyone reads this at all that is. anywho. Start off with some nice dubstep to ease us in.

Stenchman-The Number One
There is no way in hell you will be able to get this song out of your head for the next century. Its a sick little relaxing remix of One is the lonliest number by..fuck it some girl with a good voice.Apologies for the lack of a drop but not all dub needs it as I've argued a loooooot of times. I recommend you listen twice, for some reason it seems better the second time.
and I'm only posting youtube links for now, I'll post up the software to download them later in my Info bar. anyway.. Link

Next tonight we have...Oh bugger it I'm in a dubby mood tonight. Here's another one just for you lot.
501-Mind Control
Now this is what you call a drop. I have no idea about who 501 is or anything else, I just know he makes tunes so filthy I need a bath. I think the bass melted my brain. Link

Now this is apparently dubstep, but I think its more bassy electro like crookers mashed up with crystal castles. which is apparently a good thing cos the song it suprisingly addictive. I hated it the first time I heard it but about 10 hours later I needed to hear it again. reminds me of mcat..
ahem. Link

And Now for something completely different.. I told you I had mixed tastes.
I'm fairly tired as it's 12.30 and I have to be up for 6. so Some calming music should do me good.
Au Revoir Simone - The Lucky One
I dare anyone not to be calmed by this song. Just try it.

told you, can't be done. I absolutely love it with everything I own. God bless you strange brooklyn girls. Link

The Shins - New slang
Oh come on, if your only just hearing about this now, You don't deserve to hear music. But if you have been locked in a russian gulag for the last 5 years then I'll forgive you and give you a listen to a pretty damn good song. I've over played it so it does nothing to me anymore but when I first heard it I think I actually fell asleep because it was so damn calming. Also gives me flashbacks to 'Garden State' which is still one of my favourite movies ever. because I'm so cool and indie like that.. Link

Cake On Cake - Dreams will come true
I swear to god, this is one of the hardest artists to find on the whole damn internet. There is one, JUST ONE website that has her stuff up for download. I obviously can't name names but if you typed "Rapid" and "Share" and cake on cake into google, Who knows what might turn up for your enjoyment. Anyway, the music is a lot like au revior simone, just more relaxed. Which is a guuuurd thing. Thank you strange swedish girl. Link
P.s. download her album "I see no stars". Its the best thing I've heard in about a month, which given the amount of music I go through is a looooong time.

yes I'm gonna be incredibly tired in the morning but I thought you all would like to hear a good old song.
Portals "Still Alive" credits. I'm ashamed to say I only just played through portal properly. If anyone out there has played the game Portal then the injokes would make sense to them. If not its just a damn good song anyway. basically the person singing is a robot who just tried to kill you. but you killed her thanks to your gun that shoots portals.
Actually that pretty much covers it. but play the game anyway, Its brilliant.

The cake is a lie.

9 Oct 2009

Just a quick one my bloggy friends, I'm off to a party inabit.
Found this through facebook the other day and it blew my ears.
Jaguar Skills is apparently some kind of mystical DJ from south london.
His dubstep mix for Radio 1 is the dirtiest thing I've heard all month. Turn it Up loud and prepare for your speakers to it shake like a polaroid picture

Proper postings coming next week.

EDIT: next week means next month in my mind. Which is why my teachers hate me.

7 Oct 2009

Nuevo Musica.

Well I've got a week of nothing to do thanks to swine flu. So I decided to look up some new music and share it with the blogosphere. And I'm ashamed I just used that word.
But before I introduce you to a heap of new music, a taster of what to expect from this.
This blog is basically about music I like. I don't care if its popular now, last year or if it's never popular. If I've only just started listening to it and I like it then It'll appear here. Simples (:

Now On With The Show!
Right up now is a guy called Joy Orbison. He's from London and his song Hyph Mngo is simply epic. Its sort of a dubstepy trancey dance mashup featuring Janet Jackson (I think).

Now with more dubstep! Rusko VS Tempa T - Mr Muscles Hype
I'm still amazed how many people haven't heard this song. It's honestly one of my favourite dubstep tunes of all time. Plus It's featuring Tempz! This is a man who could make a nursery rhyme sound violent. So putting him with some siiiiiiick dub from Rusko is a match made in the dirtiest depths of hell. which is a good thing.

Everyone has one Christmas memory where they were really really excited for a present only for it to be ruined at the last minute right? Like your waiting for a new bike and you get it!..But without the wheels. Feels bad huh? Well that's how I felt with the new Deadmau5 song. I've been waiting for Ghosts'n'Stuff to be released properly for aaggeess. I watched him playing it live on youtube about 50 times. I downloaded all the remixes and all the shitty radio rips. I knew it was all building up to something big. And it was! but then at the last second it was ruined by the twat from pendulum thinking he can sing. What a bell. Luckily Deadmau5 has managed to save himself some face with moar ghosts 'n' stuff (Yes deadmau5 is a /b/tard) It's not as good as Ghosts'n'Stuff could have been but it's still a banging bit of Techno/Electro

If you haven't heard of Chase&Status, you need to get out more. They're huge in the the DnB and Dubstep world now and have been for a while. Saxon ,Eastern Jam and Running are among some of their Massssive tunes that will blow your speakers out. Now they've decided to give remixing a go. But they didn't just simply shove a bassline on the song and speed it up. Instead they found a guitar. And they shoved it on an already Epic song. Nneka is a 27 year old, Half Nigerian,Half German girl with a voice that will melt your ears into happy little puddles. The song thats she made and that Chase&Status remixed is called Heartbeat. Each version is amazingly good in different ways. If you wanna have a great calming sing along then the original is for you. If you fancy a little bit of head banging then the chase and status mix is the one you want. T o be honest I'd just get them both, you won't regret it.
Original Link
Remix Link

Right that's enough for one day! See you soon gang.