29 Jan 2011

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If not then thanks for following me in the first place but this blog is now dead and gone.
It's been fun.

30 Sep 2010

Detroit INIT

I bet you guys out there on the interwebs have all heard about the doom and gloom news reports about crumbling, derelict Detroit. Well good old Vice got together with Palladium boots and Johnny Knoxville to meet the creative young people who are working to rebuild their city. It's not all bad as the broadsheets may lead you to believe; there's a lot of hope here. The cities' like a blank canvas, a fresh approach and a fresh start. We think this is our best yet, so go and take a look.

Heritage boot brand Palladium are continuing their quest to explore hidden, forgotten and abandoned places in urban environments. Their latest exploration entitled "Detroit Lives" features Johnny Knoxville, who takes viewers on an "off-the-beaten path" exploration through the city to discover if there's more to Detroit than the scenes of destruction and abandonment that it has become known for.

Once the fourth-largest metropolis in America—some have called Detroit the Death of the American Dream. In this 30 minute 3-episode documentary, Knoxville discovers a DIY paradise full of artists and entrepreneurs who view the abandoned "D" as a raw space where young people can create community and start rebuilding their city from the inside out. A burgeoning class of young people are inspiring each other by using the cities 'disadvantages' as opportunities. His hosts include notable Detroit punk band The Dirtbombs and hip-hop artist Black Milk.

Check it out here:


30 Aug 2010

Sink into the tune, As I inhale the fumes

Last week before I go back to college so thought a post was needed.
I got my first spam yesterday, someone commented on a post saying "this website is very helpful for BuYiNg vIaGrA" with a little link. If I'm getting spam I must be doing something right.

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
I honestly don't know why I've only just gotten into the cure, they really are ridiculously good. This and Lovecats are my favourites, this slightly beats lovecats though just due to the awesome riff. I love how they've made what could have been a highly depressing song into a cheerful lovely tune about missing your ex. And it's true, boys don't cry. they bottle it all up, laugh about it and secretly die a little inside. but all very cheerfully.

Katy B - Katy on a Mission
I have yet to work out how exactly to describe this. It's produced by the godfather of Dubstep, Benga, but it really doesn't have much bass. It's certainly got the wobbles but most of the song is concentrated on the lyrics. It's definitely a tune though, if you can get past all the angry dubstepheads saying "THIS IS SHIT DUBSTEP IS NOW MAINSTREAM IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER WHEN RUSKO DID IT", Even though rusko was the start of dubstep becoming shit. but still, ignore them and just enjoy the song, I'm finding it annoyingly addictive listening.

Bart B More - Brap!
I think I've covered most of my favourite genres in this post so it's time to bust out some electronica. Again, this guy's signed to BNR so it's got to be a good song. and fuck it really really is. The intro is ridiculously long but you don't even care that much cos it's fun to sing along to. then around 50seconds in you notice something building up slowly. it keeps getting louder until..
BRAP and a hefty drop 2minutes in that will literally make a dance floor explode. just give it a ganders. also I really want that vinyl, it looks so sick!

B-Complex - Beautiful Lies
Lots of things have B in today don't they? anywho, this is without a doubt my favourite dnb song I've heard in the last couple of months. I don't know why but absolutely everything about it works together perfectly to make an awesome song for whatever you're doing. seriously, I've listened to this when running, when doing homework and at a big party, it fits literally any situation. listen and enjoy.


11 Aug 2010

Middle Fingers Up!

Well I've had a few more days of being fucked up but now I'll get my cheap thrills from tunes such as these. Enjoy.

Lil' Jon - U Don't Like Me
What a tune. Lil' Jon is the king of Crunk (angry loud shouty rap) and this proves it. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. Notice the awesome heavy bassline? that would be due to the guy who produced the track, Thomas Wesley Pentz otherwise known as Diplo. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, he's done it again. The bassline is what makes this track insane. The vocals of course add that singalong aspect so the whole track just comes together as a heavy dirty crunk tune. I'm tempted to buy a car just to drive around playing this constantly to scare old people.

Chase & Status - Let You Go Ft. Mali
The first new thing C&S have done that isn't on an album. Definitely more drum and bass than their old dubby stuff, quite nice. It's quite stadium drum and bass kind of stuff though, straying into pendulums new territory, They'd better watch out or they'll become utter douches just like pendulum did. The video is lol worthy, although the segments of the video that stray into the actual song sort of ruin the build up. But still, goooood song although not quite as good as most the stuff on their first album.

Egyptian Hip Hop - Middle Name Period
I've never heard this group before but wowowowowowowow this is awesome. I don't even know what genre to describe this as, they remind me of Holy Fuck! but more garage band-y. even though they sound like the songs were recorded in some mate of theirs basement, the guy who actually produces for them is the frontman from Late Of The Pier. Which would explain why this song is just so damn good. literally, listen or get off this blog naow.

Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (Tek One Remix)
I'm in love with crystal fighters. If you wanna hear how cool they are look up "xtatic truth", however this is more about Tek One's remixing skills than Crystal Fighters coolness. They've done an insane dubstep remix of BMTH (which was the most heavy thing I've ever heard) and they've done it again on this one. loooong build up to make you think it's chillout then a niiiiiice introduction of bassline. The original is still epicly good though so I'm posting both links.Sue me.
Link - Remix
Link - Original

Rigggght well that was fun and took me about 3 days to complete (easily distracted init.)
I've got results out tomorrow so expect to not hear from me for the next week or so at least. I'll either be so happy I wanna partyhard all the time or I'll have run away from home to avoid madre and padre.

1 Aug 2010

Imagine a song that reached out and touched kids, not in a daily mail way..

I'm BACK Babbbby.
Apologies for the lack of recent posting, it's been a rather hectic month or so.
Luckily I've still been discovering awesome songs in my free time but I haven't had time to write them down until now (mostly cos it's the first time in a month when I haven't been coming down/hungover/out)
So lets dance to some new tuuunes.

Example - Kickstarts (Bar 9 Remix)
Example is fairly well known now (I should have written about him a month or two ago but I forgot) luckily this remix is still fairly underground even though it has got a kickass (literally) video. Bar 9 never fails to bust out the best old school deep dubstep and he's succeeded yet again into making a classic song out of this. Nice work mr 9.

Jack Beats - UFO
I may have already posted this song and I couldn't care less as long as I get a few more people to listen to it. Just found out that Jack Beats is more than one person and half of him is in scratch perverts! Who knew. Anyway this is probably my favourite original song he/they've made. The intro has the nicest Miami bass and then after the drop it's impossible not to skank along to the fidgetty wobbles. I know it's an old song but it's still a absolute banger.

Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - Get Better
The new DLSVSSP Album is soso good. It's not quite as good as angels (their first album) but it's still easily one of the best albums of the year. Can't wait to see the beardy poet and the slightly balding dj again. This is one of the best from the new album, quite feel good but with the usual scroobius wit and usual le sac sick beats.

The Bloody Beetroots Ft. Refused - New Noise
TBB can now apparently do punk. And do it fucking well if this remix is anything to go by. If you don't like heavy guitars and all that jazz than don't bother looking at this. however if you love insane drops then this is easily one of the best. Probably my favourite TBB remix. Even though the original of this track is insane, The remix is so much heavier and louder. CAN I SCREAM?

The King Blues - What if Punk Never Happened?
I only just started listening to The King Blues, they're simply incredible. Amazing lyricists and such good producers of absolute tunes. I've had their album on repeat for the last week or so, I don't know a single person that wouldn't absolutely love it. This is a highlight from it, A whole story synopsised in an amazing 6.30 minutes. They even bring Back To The Future into it. It makes you glad of Punk, even if you don't like the music.

Right that's 5 Songs, enough for one post at least. I promise promise promise I'll post more soon.

26 Jun 2010

Just an ordinary day, till you came around. and now my life's upside down.

sup blogosphere, fancy some newish music?
yeah you do.

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey
Apparently this is the "house tune of the year" according to all the music magazines. Firstly, we're only halfway through the year so it's WAAAAAAAAAY too early to say that. secondly it is a fucking good song but not incredible. I do love the drums and synth though. the "HEYHEY" bit gets slightly irritating after a while though. still, nice work.

Kele - On The Lam
I thought tenderoni was good but FUCK kele's debut solo album is so so good. This is one of my favourites on the album, mostly for the obvious dubsteppy influence. Utterly sick bassline and as always Kele's singing makes everything in the world better. He could sing over a blackout crew song and I'd still love it. good job mr okereke.

UK Apache & Shy Fx - Original Nuttah
probably the oldest song I've ever posted (1994), totally awesome though. The MC on the track is so intense that I think his voice must kill old people if they walk too close to him. If anyone reading this can actually work out what he's saying I'll be amazed. but who cares what he's saying, whatever it is, it sounds awesome. It would be worth looking like an utter douchbag to be able to MC like that. and of course Shy Fx shoves some sweet drums over the top of it all, making a awesomeawesome track all together.

Bloc Party - The Once And Future King
Whoever decided not to properly release this song is an idiot. It's definitely in the top 5 bloc party songs I've heard, Kele's voice is epic, the riff is awesome and the drums sound ridiculously good too. All in all a pretty awesome song which should have been on A weekend in the city.

That'll do for naow, goodbye and goodluck

14 Jun 2010

Live Fast/Die Young/Fuck everyone.

Fuck, I really don't write in here enough do I?
I'll try to do more but things are up in the air atm so if I can't then sorry.
well lets not beat around the bush, we both know what we're both here for.

Designer Drugs - Drop Down
SO this song was in an advert for skins, but don't worry it isn't classic teenage angst and drugs and sex and more sex. It's an awesome slice of dirty electro from NY. Not very dancy but makes you see red. in a good way. The intro has the nicest beat ever, and the sample they use sounds like it's actually talking to you. I nearly took off my headphones to see if someone actually was. then Kpow the electronic wobbley bits come in and it's just brill.

Bassnectar VS Groove Armada - Superstylin Smashup
Holy Hell this is heavy. Everyone in the world should know superstylin and it's a good song anyway but fuck this is something new and awesome and wow. I guess it's dubstep but it's done so well, the vocals from superstylin are played over the top giving it a sort of reggae sound but
the bassline is pure Californian filth. New favourite dub song? maybe.

Danny Byrd - Red Mist VIP
I've started really enjoying drum and bass recently, god knows why, but this is definitely my favourite dnb song of the moment at least. The (trumpet?some kind of horn) intro bit makes you feel all happy inside. Then the vocals come in and you still feel happy until you realise he's talking about getting in a fight. but then it slows it down and suddenly you're just waiting for an awesome drop. OH and there it goes, into said awesome drop. sweet bassline and tasty drum beats. fuck, it really is very good.

The Cool Kids - Black Mags
Now for something completely different-old school ultra cool hip hop. Literally the cool kids couldn't be any cooler. If someone finds a way for them to be any cooler the world will implode. This song proves it. Best song on their old EP, no doubt. The deep sample they use for the chorus is from another one of their songs (Gold and a Pager) but slowed down and a lot more bassy. The weirdest thing is that you realise near the end that they've just been rapping about riding bikes the whole time, not the coolest thing ever but they manage to make it rad. I think I'll get a bike.

Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - Look For The Woman (Fake Blood Remix)
Before I write about the song, I wish to inform the world that I was present when DLS vs SP played the original of this song for the first time. and I was standing next to the main character from the video. there, that's my hipster cred raised, now anyway onto Fake Blood. OMFG HE/SHE is so fucking good. literally, (fuckit I'm just gonna say he for now, sorry for the possible sexism) he makes anything and everything he touches sounds shweeeeeeeeeet. it's impossible not to dance to mars,I think I like it or Fix your accent. And he's done it again with this song, but as I'm lying in bed typing this, I can't dance so I shall just tap my feet and hum along. yeah, it's that good.

One more? yeeeeeeeeeeeah why not.

David Guetta Ft. Kid Cudi - Memories
I only recently realised just how good David Guetta actually is. He may look like a douchebag but daaaaaamn that man can make some nice beats. This is one of them. and also it's got the amazing Kid Cudi in so luckily his rad-ness draws attention away from Guettas weirdness. I'm guessing Cudi came up with the lyrics cos they're good but corny, which is pretty normal for him. If you like this check out On the dancefloor by David Guetta (I'd link it but I have no motivation or effort left)

Joe just got me listening to Taking Back Sunday and MCR again so expect more guitar-y posts soon.